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Nail Groove & Spa
Samuel Wiese said 3 years ago
Ate at Fat Rice for brunch.I had the hash and bottomless tea I don't remember the exact names.The hash and tea were both delis!I didn't have to ask at all for refills on my water nor tea.I was even able to order half of a dessert dish, since I was on my own.Speaking of on my own, it was completely comfortable by myself at the bar.A lot of places seem confused as to how to treat single diners - treat us as if we're there to eat/drink like everyone else.Annie at the bar was nice and attentive.5 Stars!
Heather McKerley said 5 years ago
I wish that I could rate this place in negative stars. I purchased 2 half off depots (one in February and one in July) to try out this spa and one for a friend and when I went to book my appointment they were booked out for 2 months. When I explained to them that I had purchased a half off depot that was going to expire they said they would still honor the voucher even after it expired due to their books being so full. I said ok and when my schedule lightened up enough for me to be able to plan a bit further out I called them back and they told me they have not done business with half off depot since 2012. They informed me that half off depot was not authorized to sell these vouchers for their spa since 2012. I knew this wasn't true because when I called the first time they did not say anything about me not being able to use my voucher from half off depot. The manager that I spoke with told me she never said she would be able to use my voucher and that I should get my money back from half off depot. I do not recommend ANYONE going to this spa and I don't know why they are still in business. Any positive reviews on this terrible place I believe are written by employees because they have terrible customer service and no one that truly visited this spa would have kind words about the quality of service.
Merlin B said 6 years ago
I bought the Groupon for a massage and mani/pedi and I had no idea what to expect. They were super nice and my massage was amazing. It was finals week so I was beyond stressed out and by the end of my massage I was completely relaxed. The mani/pedi was great as well, my nails look gorgeous and it's been two weeks and they still look great.
Natalie Stewart said 6 years ago
This place is terrible. Even if you paid $16 dollars for a message here it isn't worth it. The people are rude, and not good at their jobs. I feel a four year old could have done a better job. Also the place is dirty and nasty on top of being rude. GROSS. Please go somewhere else. There are TOO MANY good massage places in Atlanta to even go near this place. I wish I could give a zero.
Kami Bush said 6 years ago
This place is horrible. I asked for an American and got layer upon layer of gooped up polish. They did not straighten the white for a clean crisp look. And when I complained, they actually asked me what was wrong with the polish job. And then had the audacity to still charge me for the manicure that took 1.5 hours because the tech was running around doing everything but actually working on my nails. Save your nails, your time, and your cuticles the damage and go somewhere, anywhere else.