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harrypotterluva09 said 2 years ago
If I could give it zero stars I would. I went to the Town Center mall in Kennesaw for one reason: to get a cookie because I was having a horrible day. Unfortunately the Natural Health and Beauty Spa is right across from the cookie place and a salesman called to me offering some sort of free sample and I didn't want to be rude and keep walking when clearly I knew he called to me. I was in a really bad emotional state because of other events from that day and I was COMPLETELY taken advantage of. I don't even know what the free sample was, I don't think he said. He was more focused on ushering me inside and sitting me down to use a cream product on my arm while I was clearly uncomfortable, nervous, and continuously saying things like "I don't have time right now I need to pick up my husband from work" and "I might come back for this product when I get paid again" and also "my job only pays monthly and I can't really afford this". All of these things were true. I was scared. I was emotionally exhausted. Next I knew I was at the register with this man still talking and I even had to answer a phone call from my husband asking me why I was running late on picking him up from work which clearly proved that I genuinely did not have the time for the sales pitch. But I still found myself buying the product. I knew I was screwing myself on money for the rest of the month. I walked out of there with something I didn't even want and I cried all the way to the car. I cried as I picked my husband up from work. I felt violated. I know I could have done a million things differently. You have to understand that I was going through a really hard time in life at that moment and I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I felt raped. This happened almost a year ago and to this day I still feel scarred. So just beware that these people will do whatever it takes to get you to buy their products. Which honestly makes me question how good they really are that they have to push it so hard on innocent people. And as I learned, they have a no refunds policy. Exchanges only.