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Monday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Skin Medics Medical Spa

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Skin Medics Medical Spa | Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, GA

Skin Medics Medical Spa, a division of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, facial rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, skin care products & facial peels.

Renee Chahoy said 2 years ago
I love the SPA and the girls that work there. Very friendly and professional. I have been going for 10+ years. They are always very busy, but make sure you get attention. They have great products and each month they have a special. They are associated with Dermatology Associates of Atlanta. I have been going to them for over 30 years!
The City Dweller said 2 years ago
Arrived at my 7:00 am appointment, and the receptionist told me that the esthetician was stuck in traffic, and then she asked me if I wanted to delay my appointment until 8:30 to see a different esthetician, or reschedule entirely for another day. If someone is stuck in traffic, they will likely only be a half hour or so late, right? So why did I need to promptly be rescheduled for an hour and a half later? Additionally, why would the esthetician notify her job that she was in traffic TEN MINUTES PAST the time of our appointment? My point is, she AND the receptionist lied to me. On top of that, they disrespected my time. I should've received a phone call; it look a lot of arrangements for me to be in Alpharetta at that hour for my appointment. In the end, I took the 8:30 appointment, even though it cut into my work schedule, and had a decent appointment with the other esthetician. When I checked out, the receptionist gave me a parking validation (after I brought it up), to make up for my earlier inconvenience and time wasted. Gee, thanks. This place lacks class. Funnily enough, while I waited in my car for my appointment, I looked them up to see reviews and saw that I'm not the only one who's had an experience like this with them. If I was this business owner, I'd be extremely embarrassed. Edited to add: yes, I do mean the business that is located at 5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd #195, Atlanta, GA 30342. In my initial review, I said they are located in Alpharetta, and their response below correctly pointed out that they are not in Alpharetta, so perhaps I meant a different establishment. However, everything else in my review is accurate, and this is indeed the location that I intended to leave the review for. I've just made the edit to address their comment.
Kordell said 2 years ago
First time I came in for an appointment I had scheduled- when I got there they apologized and said they'll have to reschedule me because they have training today.. I wasn't given a heads up or anything. I took time off from work just to come to this appointment and the first thing im told is they have to reschedule me. Absolutely inconsiderate. I wasn't going to give them another chance, but I strangely decided to since the next rescheduled date, I was off. I came in for the scheduled appointment and once again I'm told, "hey we're going to have to reschedule you" - I really believe they forgot, that they just told me the same a couple days earlier. They ask if I'm in to see Taylor - I explain, it's my first time here- I'm open to see any doctor that's available but they highly suggest I see Taylor even though she has no availability. Apparently her availability closes once I walk thru the doors. When I walk out, they ask "do you want to reschedule?" - umm no! Only a idiot will continue to waste their time after this kind of customer service and treatment. What a joke. Please don't waste your time here - I'll even tellthe doctor who referred me, to not refer anymore because of this experience.
Michelle Marino Schiessle said 3 years ago
Keep trying it but I think its overpriced. Spent $100 on a peel that only last 15 minutes. The aesthetician played loud music and rushed through it. Didn't find it relaxing or worth the money.
Teah Kirk said 4 years ago
It is always an unfortunate experience when individuals providing a service fail to demonstrate any level of appreciation for consumers who patronize and pay for these services. Sadly, for many businesses, there is one bad apple who overwhelmingly offsets an otherwise pleasant experience for customers. At Skin Medics, that individual is Jan, who performs all hair removal treatments at the facility. After several experiences with Jan, it is apparent that she has taken it upon herself to single-handedly revolutionize the customer service industry by providing anything and everything BUT customer service. In short, she makes no apologies for her fiercely condescending, discourteous, and unprofessional manner. Further, her blatant and unapologetic disregard for my time, and her thinly-veiled attempts to push unnecessarily pricey treatments over entirely effective (and FAR more economical) alternatives is something I am no longer interested in paying top dollar for. (What in the world took me so long??) While I would definitely recommend any skin treatment services provided by Cindy at Skin Medics--she's absolutely FANTASTIC--I will most certainly discontinue all services provided by Jan. I've heard amazing things about AYA Medical Spa in Phipps, and I can't wait to try them!

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