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Lynn's Nails
Joselina Rodriguez said 2 years ago
Did my nails a month ago and just yesterday they started coming off. Habe never had that before. I wash dishes a lot and they lasted that long. Wow. Great job! Up to now. Best experience ever. High fives!
Jacque Rice said 3 years ago
I went to Lynn's Nail Shop on Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving, you would have thought they would have had a full staff knowing it's the day before a major holiday. But NO, they had 2 tech's doing pedicures and 2 techs doing manicures with about 8 people in the waiting area including myself. Next day, SEVERAL of my nails chipped, broke and GEL polish started coming off. I called her on Friday, Samantha had the nerve to tell me to come in no later than Monday because otherwise she will not repair them. Well I would have come in that Thursday but due to the holiday, they were closed. Samantha did not know if I was out of town for the holiday or what. I ended up going to get my nails repaired that Saturday (my birthday), had to wait on Samantha for an hour. They do not have the time of operation posted on the door so I was there at 9 am, they finally opened at 10:10 after sitting out in the car all that time. Then I had to wait AGAIN!!!! until Samantha got there by then it was 10:30am. Repaired my nails and the next day my GEL Nail polish came completely off one of my nails!!!Not even a week after getting them repaired, today is Friday, last night my entire GEL NAIL polish on one of my toes came completely off! They use such CHEAP polish and I had to tell the tech to apply more polish on my nails because you could see my nails through the polish. I used them once before long time ago but this time was MY LAST TIME GOING TO LYNN!!!!!!! They charged my $65 for such a crappy job, I never had this problem which proves that it's their CHEAP products they use!!! I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THIS PLACE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PEOPLE BEWARE!!! THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL NAIL SALON THAT WILL PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AND GIVE YOU TOP NOTCH PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mya James said 2 years ago
Been going here for years love ❤️ it . Sam has always slayed my nails and eye brows. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
Forever Taryn said 3 years ago
I randomly found this place one day and I love it. Everyone who works here is very professional and good at what they do. Don't try to pressure you into getting more expensive services like at many other salons. Nail techs very friendly and always smiling. Always get my nails looking right the first time around. Fair prices. I don't get my nails done anywhere else.
Kimberly said 3 years ago
Inexperienced nail techs, low quality, overpriced services and long wait times with no professional organization. Please AVOID this place as I was bait and switched into paying a higher cost for services that was originally communicated to me at a lower price. These ppl tried to charge me the price of a full set just because I requested pink and white! They are liars and crooks on top of being inexperienced and I will NOT be returning and highly recommend avoiding this nail salon like the plague as they're money hungry but not professional because they don't even know how to properly do a pink and white fill-in without doing a new set which is absurd! STAY AWAY!!

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