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Jen Lo Assassin said 2 years ago
1st time going and had to go back. Owner Asian lady did my nails. She needs to recertify! She put acrylic between my real nails n the fake nail and said it was because she couldn't glue it on my nail. She filed my real nails down to the wick and put glue over it. I have never in 20 yrs had such a horrible job done to my nails. And then she didn't refund me for this mess! And talked about me to the other guy and cursed. Never going back!!!!!
Heather Mackey said 2 years ago
Very bad service. My pedicure was very short and the lady acted like she didn't want to do it. I didn't know what you say but I told them I wasn't pleased with the pedicure service before I left..........I'm so upset. I payed my hard earned money for garbage. If I just wanted my toes polished I would have stayed home.
JOKEE CHARLES said 3 years ago
Horrible services. Came in for the $14.99 special for a full set (very short) and $14.99 for the spa pedicure. The man charged me $33 and when I asked why he said the special was for the shorter nails. My nails look natural that's how short they were. I said no, the nail tip is less then 1/4 of an inch off my nail bed so I'm not paying that. They tried to jip me. The lady who did my feet didn't even scrub the bottom and said its $5 more for the callus remover. Wtf? I was their last customer and they didn't even let me finish drying my toes which led to the nail polish smudging. I don't mind paying more if I get wonderful customer service. Don't expect that from this place. NEVER AGAIN. Stay clear of this place. You've been warned.
angela pruitt said 3 years ago
Horrible!!!!!!!!! The manager of this location is rude to her employees. I went in to get gel mood change polish pedicure and manicure . My nail technician helped me select a polish that I liked. So I got the polish on it didn't change color at all ,the nail tech let the manager know and she argued with the nail tech saying it changed the nail tech explained to her that it didn't change. That the polish was OLD!!!!!do not go here there is a much better one right around the corner with new polish. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔☹ī¸â˜šī¸â˜šī¸
Shana Johnson said 2 years ago
Good experience!!! Nails and toes were fabulous.