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Fantastic Sams

Fantastic Sams is one of the world's largest full-service hair care franchises, with salons located throughout North America.

jrock said 2 years ago
Some great barbers there. Juan and Lattice are the best. Good people and good prices for the services.
Maria Pappas said 2 years ago
My experience was horrible!!! First time going there I took my 5 year old daughter and 6 year old autistic son. I told them that he was autistic and would flinch a lot. They said that was fine. While cutting his hair they seemed agitated with my son. My daughter sat still for them and her trim was awful. It was so uneven. I took her back and complained. They offered a free cut by a different stylist. I agreed. Her hair is still uneven and completely jacked up. Awful awful awful!!!!!
Debra debra said 2 years ago
Juliette was very good and sensitive to my needs regarding my styling update today. Thank you Juliette!!
Richard Hanson said 3 years ago
Lots of good stylists here. Juan has a loyal following, but I will take whoever is available. The woman with a Russian accent is going to cut your hair shorter than you want, so be aware.
happyg7891 said 5 years ago
I literally just came straight home to write this review for Fantastic Sam's.... I was utterly shocked by the entire experience, and NOT in a good way. I showed the stylist a picture of my previous haircut and told him I wanted the same thing, but shorter. He did a poor job replicating the cut; it was mediocre at best... which is sad, because the previous haircut was done at Great Clips. I was disappointed, but kept it to myself because the damage had already been done and there's no use hurting his pride over the situation. My real ISSUE though.... was the stunt they pulled on me when it was time to pay. When I walked in, my first question is how much a haircut costs. I was told $15.95... FINE. HOWEVER, I was charged the price of a "DESIGNER" cut of $21.00. Really now??? I paid $10 three months ago at Great Clips and it looked FAR BETTER than what I walked away from here with. I asked the guy afterwards why I was charged the "designer" price and he told me it was because it had been more than "eight weeks to three months" since my last haircut.... I'm in total awe. At this point, I just paid and left... the headache wasn't even worth it. Needless to say, there was no tip left. I DO NOT APPRECIATE the undisclosed markup for a poor imitation of a haircut that any Great Clips can do. This place deserves 0/5 stars. *** Side note**** He didn't even bother to sweep off the hair he left on my neck. My clothes and car were both left a mess by the remains of my own hair at the first gust of wind.