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Laila Lane said 1 year ago
Please know that first and foremost THIS IS A SCHOOL and these are future professionals in training. Because of this you are required to sign a waiver stating that you understand that you are getting your services completed by someone who is NOT A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL. In addition to that, prices are extremely discounted so if you are satisfied with the services provided please tip because the students providing the services to you do not get paid for their work. With that being said, if you are not satisfied with your services please let that student know what they could've done better so that they don't make the same mistake again. People are coming on here making complaints about student services like these are licensed professionals. You come into the salon because you want a service done for cheap and in exchange you give these students the experience they need in order to pass state board and get their license. If you want the best service from an experienced licensed professional then you'll have to go to an established salon and pay higher prices.
Desiree Henderson said 2 years ago
I do not get my hair flat ironed often and when I went to them on August 8, 2017 I received a wash and flat iron, and when I washed my hair my natural curls were completely destroyed . Now, I have to cut all of my hair off and start over. My hair is extremely damaged now.
A Edwards said 2 years ago
I've been coming here to the Dunwoody location off and on and I hate that I have to Pre-Wash my scalp before I come there because they Absolutely DON'T know how to wash your hair and the Stylists love the sinks that they can stand behind and half wash your head when I leave the sink the back of my hair near my neck be completely DRY and the Stylist gets mad when you want them to wash it again Smh, after the Stylist finishes my hair in the chair, I have Flakes all over the cape and that's with a Scalp Treatment. Smh.. I don't know what they teach them in the Class Room. But the Stylist won't do to well in a Real Salon with that Half washing.
Kendra Frazier said 3 years ago
**PLEASE READ** THIS WAS THE WORST HAIR EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!! My scheduled appointment was 12pm, which i arrived 10mins early because this was my first time. As I entered i noticed they seemed to be really full. The front desk receptionist greeted me, asked me to sign in & have a seat( which i did). After sitting there in the waiting area i notice them passing a ticket around then hear my name being called for service (this was at 1245pm). As i walked in the direction which i was being lead the stylist informs the instructor she hasn't had a break & won't be able to take me. I was then pass to a different stylist that was already working on a client that she was nowhere near being finished (still they pushed me off on her). After sitting 15mins & she noticed me starting to get antsy she shampooed me & notified me she was still working on the other person & would do a deep conditioner & place m under the dryer. After sitting under the dryer 20mins & her still working on the other client "I HAD ENOUGH OF WAITING" and removed myself from the dryer & walked to the front where i informed the receptionist they was total unacceptable service. I still offered to pay for the shampoo because that was all i had done. Seeing me very upset she offered to rinse out the conditioner that was still in my hair. I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. **THE ONLY REASON THE 1 STAR IS THERE IS BECAUSE YOU CAN'T POST WITHOUT IT**
Barry Atkins said 3 years ago
I came here with my little brother for their clipper cut. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they cut, shampoo, condition, and grease your hair for $5. The results were o.k. and I think this is a great value in the area.