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Lexi Lovin said 1 year ago
When I first came to ideal image I was ready to give them a 5 star rating. They made me feel very hopeful of my laser hair removal result. After my second treatment I told the staff I was worried about my bikini line and that it seemed to not be working. They insisted that I keep doing treatments because it was too early to tell. I continued to tell them my concerns every appointment after and was told the same response. Finally after 6 treatments I told them I would not continue because the hair actually got WORSE! I was told because I'd already had 6 treatments the most they could do was a 50% refund only valid as an exchange. I was furious! I had been telling them from the start it wasn't working and it feels like they made sure I went past 6 treatments so I couldn't get a better refund. Yet the story continues. I chose to do lip fillers as my "exchange". I'm too young for Botox and nothing else seemed relatable or needed. After driving over an hour there, I was told I was too young for lip fillers and was sent home. I understand there are laws and restrictions however they have all my information and this should have been looked into before making me an appointment. Such a waste of both my time and money. I have put $2,500 into this company and have been nothing but let down from the start.
Catherine Esteppe said 2 years ago
Extremely knowledgeable staff!! Getting Ultherapy again! Had it 5 years ago and I believe in this procedure lifting and firming and no down time! I'm 47 and I get told I look like I'm 30! Ultherapy really helped with my entire face and neck and eyes! Safer and amazing results! Non surgicial all the way!
Scott Watkins said 1 year ago
My wife has been going to Ideal Image Alp., for 3 years. With out notice or a call before her hour drive, she was informed upon arrival that their rates were going up roughly 40%. Stating, "We are cutting back on discounts", that another way of saying we are aggressively marking our product up for the holidays. As an appointment there, you are just a number not a client.
Sasha BShady said 2 years ago
I have had laser hair removal before with WIFH and had AWESOME results! I decided to try Ideal Image for my upper lip since they are supposed to have the same grade laser and their location was more convenient. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED with the results!! I have had 6 sessions so far and you cannot even see any results. I am so upset. I could have paid the SAME $$ at WIFH but was too lazy to make the drive. What a waste of my time and money! UGH
Brook Waters said 2 years ago
First experience was wonderful, but when scheduling my second appt for lip injections six months later...I ran into a horribly rude woman on the phone. I've been in customer service for years but it was so bad, I called corporate. I now drive to the Buckhead location...Skye is WONDERFUL!! :)