5900 Sugarloaf Mills Cir # 165, Lawrenceville, GA 30043, USA

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Suzan Abdu said 2 years ago
The place was clean and very appealing. I had a friendly staff who did my pedicure and manicure. The price is also reasonable.
April said 2 years ago
I have been going here to get my nails done for 5 years. Anthony does my nails. He has great customer service and I'm always happy with his service. When I call before I come up there he gets me in and out. I never wait!
Loni Valinzuela said 2 years ago
Horrible horrible HORRIBLE!! I know it's convenient since they're located in the mall, but DO NOT GO HERE! WARNING: They do not line the pedicure bath at all! The whole entire time I was thinking of how many feet have been in the tub before mine and if I was going to catch any kind of bacteria. Here's the kicker: Once I was finished, THEY DID NOT CLEAN THE TUB! They only organized their station and continued to service anyone else that walked in the door. The guy who did my pedicure clearly did not know how to apply polish. He had to redo so many toes because I told him they looked "gloppy". When my toes were finally painted, he then started to take off the gel on my fingernails. For those of you who know, it has to be soaked in acetone. While applying the soaked cotton to my nails, this guys spills the chemical all over my hand and doesn't even acknowledge it! No towel, no apology, no nothing! I had to sit in the chair for it to dry and when I say dry, my whole entire hand was white! He continued with the rest of my manicure which I then had a different lady finish since he did a HORRIBLE job. Even with my dissatisfaction, my total came out to be $65. Total complete bs. I paid $100 cash and this guy ripped me off! Instead of giving me my $35 change, he only gave me $25. These people seriously are ridiculous. And don't forget their unprofessionalism. I get that side conversations happen, but you clearly do not have to YELL when customers are right in front of you. They were all on their phone and what they cared more about was their Starbucks drink order than their customers. Bs. Nothing but BS!!!!!
judy haynie said 2 years ago
Horrible service! Waited over an hour for a pedicure. Polish flaking within 1 week! Been there before and had Gel nail that is suppose to last up to 2 weeks, polish was chipping off with 3 days!! Such a waste of money!!!
lee Latyra said 3 years ago
Don't waste yit time going there not only did they over charge my card but my nails turned out nothing like they were suooosed to and then began to break literally hours after getting them done . You'd think after paying so much you'd get a good nail job far from true