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Peachtree Square Salon - Norcross, GA | Great Clips

Get a great haircut at the Great Clips Peachtree Square hair salon in Norcross, GA. You can save time by checking in online. No appointment necessary.

Madai Diaz said 3 years ago
Please do not spend you're money where it is not appreciated. The guy that cut my hair looked like he didn't even want to be there. No customer service on anyone's part, not friendly at all. I told him exactly what I wanted because I always get my haircut the same way, face frame with layers. When I was getting my haircut I think the manager was telling all their employees they will get charged for not wearing the proper attire to work( very unprofessional). I don't think the guy knew how to do layers correctly, some places look normal but most of my ends are choppy. I've gotten this cut so many times and only those that actually care and love what they do, will do it right. I was in town for my bday and my regular stylist was out of town so I took a chance and I am very disappointed. The only time the guy smiled was when he realized I was leaving him a good tip.
Matt Miller said 3 years ago
0 stars First time ever at this location I ask for specific haircut and she cuts it how she likes it then can't even my sideburns. I had to walk in twice today to get them fixed and they are still uneven. I asked to have my part line shaved and she says that they aren't allowed to do that......I HAVE BEEN TO GREAT CLIPS AT OTHER LOCATIONS AND THEY DID IT FOR ME. She says the franchisee for that location doesn't allow that...Quite possibly THE WORST HAIRCUT I HAVE EVER GOTTEN. CHUNKS out of my head uneven, can't even level my sideburns, ignores customer request and just seemed un happy and very un friendly. What a waste of money. To think I actually tipped $5 to go back in 2 more times the same day after my hair had already been cut. Just awful.
Barbara Ross said 3 years ago
Walk in service is such a convenience! My curly hair gets cut great. I guess I am not fussy or I'd be spending big $$$$$ at a salon with a big name....... I just need a haircut. And I'm a female!!! [I do get the color done at another place where my person cannot cut curly hair......] Happy every time and on my way quickly...... just fits my needs. Have used them for at least 3 years.
West kana said 3 years ago
Told them to cut half an inch. They ended up cutting off AN INCH MORE THAN THAT. They also cut off everything I liked about my hair. Now I'm a 14-year-old with the exact same freakishly short haircut as my 4-year-old brother.
Andrew Roland said 3 years ago
Told then to trim my split ends. Walked out with four inches cut off.