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Monday 9:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Tuesday 9:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Wednesday 9:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Thursday 9:30 AM - 7:30 PM
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Nail Time Spa Salon
Brittany Campbell said 2 years ago
This place is great. One of only 2 places that i have found that actually know what they are doing. Not the typical nail salon, this place is so much better!
Janely Rodriguez said 3 years ago
Good with nails and toe nails but one lady was not so good with eyebrow waxing. The employee doing my eyebrows did not speak or understand english and so she couldn't understand how i wanted my eyebrows done. She should have got someone to translate instead of doing whatever she thought looked nice. I showed her a picture as a reference to help her understand how i wanted my eyebrows. However, my eyebrows ended up different from each other. I'll have to spend my money again to go get them fixed SOMEWHERE ELSE tomorrow. I'm angry and very disappointed.
Marisha Roberts said 3 years ago
My rating is not based on my nails, but what I witnessed while waiting for my service to begin. I called yesterday to see if they were open knowing it was a holiday. The lady on the phone said they were open until 2pm. My daughter and I arrived around 11:30 and were greeted my 2 friendly technicians. While waiting another client walked in and the technicians decided they better lock the door so they could complete the clients inside and leave on time. The problem was she did not properly lock the door so an African American lady opened it and questioned whether or not they were open. They said no and she went about her way. The technician got up and properly locked the door this time and continued seeing clients. Within 15 minutes an older Caucasian came and pulled on the lock door. The same technician who just told the African American lady they were closed ran to unlock the door and let them in. They stated they both wanted pedicures and were told they could be seen if they waited 20 minutes. Both myself and the young lady who was getting her nails done at the time were completely shocked and immediately looked at one another and shook our heads in disbelief. The worse part is they continued to do nails without even realizing what was wrong with what just occurred. I will not be back.
hair chick said 3 years ago
I went to Nail Time for a fill-in, when I walked in they asked me what I needed and asked me to pick a color, I had to ask them where they wanted me to sit, the lady that did my nails "Stephanie" did not ask me any questions about how I wanted my nails shaped or the design, etc. Every time I asked her something she responded w/a very short one word answer. While I was there another lady came in to get her eyebrows done & she couldn't remember who did her brows the last time so one of the workers said "oh she not sure, she not sure" & set back down w/out helping the lady, the lady eventually left because she said they did not want to help her. They immediately started talking amongst themselves in their language. Meanwhile my fill-in was $30, when I asked for a diamond design that was different she said now my total was $35, I asked for change for a $20 so that I could tip her & she brought back a 10 & 2 5's basically making me tip her $5 so I said since my nails are $5 extra now here's the $5 & I left w/out tipping! I've gone to Nail Time several times & this was my 1st bad experience, maybe because it was Sunday & they didn't really want to work??
Dani on THIS DAY said 4 years ago
I went here and the first technician I had gave me attitude because she was trying to half step on my nails due to it being close to closing time. I don't operate like that. I work hard for my money so I want quality work. I kept having to tell her to fix and file my nails and when I would she was huffing and puffing and rolling her eyes. Then I asked her to give me the nail clip and file, so I could do it myself since she was having such a hard time following my instructions and putting in the effort for quality work. Then she got up from the desk and told someone else to do my nails and told her "good luck". The second person whose name is Dip was waaaay better! She did my nails properly and asked if it was OK as she went along to ensure my satisfaction. Had it not been for her taking over, the other b***c would not have gotten tipped and I would've NEVER went back there again! Dip is the best and she does quality work! She is the only person allowed to do my nails and she is the only reason I will be returning. I would've given 5 stars, but the first encounter was horrible.

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