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Amanda Downing said 3 years ago
We LOVE Donna! She was recommended by a friend and I was terrified to try somebody new but now I wont let ANYBODY else tough my hair. I was still taking my boys to one of those knock off barber shops but then I took them with me one day to see Donna and that was the end of that. They love her! They look forward to seeing her and talking about what's new with them, and best of all they sit still for her, she finishes them quickly, and they look like a million bucks! Donna has the ability to cut your hair a fraction of an inch if you ask for it....when she says an inch it's a true inch, she is a brilliant lovely woman amd we wont go to anyone else
Dee Kehn said 3 years ago
I have been going to Donna for about 6 years now. Could not ask for a better service. Donna you are awesome. Thanks !
Jerry Zakrzewski said 4 years ago
My son and I have been going to this location since he was 3, (he is 7 now). When I told the lady who was to cut my sons that he doesn't stay still for long and she probably has 10 minutes she said no problem. Well she only got 5 or 6 minutes but she had his hair cut perfect and we have been going there ever since.
A Google User said 10 years ago
I know upon entering a cheaper priced salon, you cant expect the highest quality of hair cut. However, i also know that any product or service that is paid for, should at best be done correctly, whether it is outstanding, artsy, or average. Correct is correct. I am from out of the area, and stopped in to this location to have a standard a-line cut done while i was in town. I knew not to expect it to be perfectly executed like out of a magazine. But i didnt expect to get home and come to realize after flat ironing my hair that one side is an inch longer than the other, the lines arent straight, there is no a-line angle, and that 4 inches of my hair was cute off to create a 1920's bob. NOT an a-line. When i got home, i was furious, and irritated as i was in town visiting. I then called the location and explained what i had realized. They said to come back in and get it fixed. When i arrived, i sadly realized the same inexperienced in modern day hair styles, stylist, was going to "fix" her mistake. She did not show any remorse and embarassment as i expected. She instead when straight for the longer side and chopped it into even more of a bob. I will NEVER return to this "salon" again, and i advise you, unless you are a man getting a standard trim, to visit the location either. Beware!