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Reflections Salon, Inc
Miss Chris said 2 years ago
Francis is the Best hair stylist I've had in a while! She always takes good care of me. The color is Vibrant and the cut is perfection!
IisPotatoe said 2 years ago
My god...I have never had such an awful manicure experience in my life. I got my nails done on short notice but still made an appointment before hand with a lady I was unfamiliar with here. I forgot her name but just remember she has wide hips. The entire time she spent complaining to me about her life, her family, her nephews and literally everyone, even clients she has had in the past, like I was some sort of therapist. Like lady I got my own problems, I don't care. The manicure it self took longer than it needed to and one of the things that was offered on the website was not available. My nails looked awful, smudged and not worth the time and earful this lady gave me. I don't get a chance to treat myself to often, so I thought it would be something nice, it was a disaster. I felt like leaving half way tbh but knew I didn't have the means to remove the pieces she had already put on at the moment. She complained how my manicure was taking her extra time and how she didn't like some clients and they swear like crazy here. I CANNOT by any means speak for anyone else who works here but if you get the lady with the wide hips...run and don't look back, or schedule with someone else or somewhere else. I was still kind enough to leave her a 20 dollar tip despite the attrocity I had to endure. Ugh yuck I'm not ever going back here. Absolute nightmare.
Midget Arms said 2 years ago
I went to go get my haircut on a whim and Sabrina took me in and did a wonderful job. I showed her pictures and my hair came out even better than I expected. She even gave me advice on how to treat my colored hair and didn't scold me like other hair salons would. I recommend this place 100%
Marilyn Glenn said 2 years ago
I have a pedicure and manicure done as well as hair cuts. Great place
Morgan Pittman said 2 years ago
Service is wonderful. There is nothing more or less to say about it.