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At Neo Dolce Salon we are committed to maintaining the highest standards to meet our customer's expectations.

Maggie Cardona said 2 years ago
WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Ruined my hair by a stylist named TARYN, she tried to fix it then I let her know several days in advance I wouldn't be able to make it. (My baby had got 2month shots) and she went off on me telling me I shouldn't be going to high ends salons if I can't even afford them. Beware of Taryn
Ruth Cabrera said 5 years ago
I've been going there since March of this year, everytime I have my hair done there..its a great experience. Girls in the front are beyond nice, they call you to remind you of your next appointment and offer you something to drink (unlike other salons). My hairstylist is shawn. He always does a great job on my highlights and keeps my hair healthy. I'm very picky with who I trust to do my hair and they have never, never disappointed me :). I will continue being a satisfied customer.
Stephanie Ovard said 7 years ago
First of all I showed up on time for my appointment to sit there for 45 minutes doing nothing. The stylist Shawn didn't come over and say a word to me that he was running behind or even apologize. Then durning the actual appointment he was swearing up and down during his conversation. But the worse part was my hair. I looked like a skunk. He didn't use a toner so my blonde highlights (which I didn't ask for) so they looked gray when he was done. I couldn't ask him to fix it cause he rushed me out the door. Shawn is the worst stylist ever. Avoid him. Unprofessional salon
A Google User said 7 years ago
I went here to have just a basic hair cut. I asked for no length off and 1 inch was cut off the bottom. I asked for light layers without being blended and he blended the layers and I can not find my layers to curl them. Also, with him blending it, it is a lot less thick, which I LOVED my thick hair. He also put a lot of product in my hair, which caused me to have to wash my hair multiple times to get all the products out.While cutting my bangs, I asked him to keep the same amount, not to add more. Now my bangs have a lot more from further back of my head. I will now have to wait for them to grow out before I can have my bangs the way I like. He was telling me that I needed a Brazilian blowout because my hair is just so thick and it would take a long time to dry it. I love my hair and the way it is. I am Native American and I take pride in how it is thick and its natural wave. On top off all of this, it cost over $70 to have a haircut that I did not ask for. I will not be going back.
A Google User said 10 years ago
Tammy has been doing my hair for years and she has plenty of knowledge and experience. I was sick of having messed up hair and her customer analysis of me proved a right choice. She does exactly what looks best for me and she has a very precise method of doing it. I love her and I will never trust anyone else.