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Rimple Muhar said 2 years ago
I am not happy with this place. The pedicure experience alone is horrid. I like to get pedicures for a chance to get a foot massage. 1 min on each foot does not count and I paid for a deluxe pedicure. Also, when I went to get my nails taken off I was ignored. As if my service didn't matter. Very dissatisfied and disappointed.
Mai Ong Thao said 2 years ago
I'm sad to say that I very deeply dislike this place. I went there twice and got bad results. The first time I got cut once and the shape of the nails looked nothing like coffin. It looked more like stilleto when I told her I wanted coffin. The first time it was late so I thought I give it another try, but I still got cut deep twice. Even after I had told him to please be more gentle he didn't seem to care. Then because he gave me cuts, he just decided that he was not going to file the nails to thin it and left it fat and wide. There were bumps on my nails and the edges at my cuticles were not even round! It didn't even look like coffin & I was still charged with full price too! I say this with a passion! I will NEVER go there EVER again! I dislike how unprofessional they were and how irresponsible they are.
Mrs. Walker said 2 years ago
I love it here, they are always on point... Love love love them.
Tee said 2 years ago
I found this place only because I was in the area, I give 1 star only because I walked straight in and didnt have to wait for a pedi. This one woman did my feet, soaked for 2 mins, water was barely warm, she scrubbed my feet literally 2 min or less... When I asked her, why u don't clean longer she said, " we only do once", and took my feet out the water, my feet look like I cleaned them outside in a water faucet... She got rude when I asked for paper flip flops, etc etc. Never again will I go here... I just didn't want to get ignorant so I kept my cool and left. NO TIP!!
Dinorah Overbay said 2 years ago
Good prices and friendly staff. I've been there 4 times and haven't had to wait long. My sister and I have gotten our eyebrows waxed here too and each time they've done a good job.

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