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Monday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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Cool Cuts 4 Kids

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Hair Salons in CLOVIS, CA 93612 - Cool Cuts 4 Kids

Hair Salon Located In CLOVIS COMMONS SHOPPING CENTER, CLOVIS, CA 93612 - Complete hair care, salon products and other services for women, men & children - Cool Cuts 4 Kids

Bobby Robarge said 2 years ago
This is the only place my son actually likes to get a hair cut at. They have a bunch of Xbox 360s to keep him occupied while he gets his hair cut. The customer service is a little hit and miss, sometimes great other times not so great. Prices are a bit higher than other places, $20, but it's worth the price. I came in as a walk in today and was lucky to get him in right away. But that is generally not the norm. Call a day or two in advance to schedule an appointment. We tried calling this morning to book an appointment and they were full.
Jessie said 2 years ago
Horrible customer service! My husband and I stumbled upon this shop with our three kids who needed haircuts. We walked in and waited for a few minutes before an elderly african american woman came up to help us. I told her we had between 1 and 3 haircuts we needed (there was only two of them and the other one was having a really hard time with a little boy and I wasn't sure what time they closed). The woman was horribly rude, condescending, didn't smile at all. I explained to her that I was trying to be flexible and have just one cut done because she seemed overwhelmed. She continued her bad attittude acting like we were putting her out. As we walked out I told her I couldn't believe she could be so unprofessional and rude and still work there or anywhere. She turned around in the middle of my comment and walked away. Not sure if she's hired help or the manager/owner. Either way, we won't ever go back. Corky's Cuts for Kids is now open in Clovis and we had great experiences there when they were in Fresno so go there instead!!!!
Jadeylyn Hobbs said 2 years ago
Kind of pricey but they do good kids cuts. The cars and the movies help entertain little ones
Angélica Limón said 2 years ago
Kiki is the best & she is bilingüal!
melissa mooradian said 2 years ago
Came in as a walk in and I was told it would be a 3 hour wait! But there were 3 stylists and only 3 people waiting! Worst customer service ever.