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Haircuts Plus offers a wide variety of hair salon services. We cater to every type of hair, and offer haircuts for men, women, and children of all ages in Fresno, Clovis and River Park California

Esmeralda Preciado said 2 years ago
I went in for the first time this week and I had Nora Help me. I absolutely loved my haircut. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend her.
Addie Ferguson said 2 years ago
Everyone is pleasant but I like to go to Larina for my color and cut. She does a great job!
Jessenia Dominguez said 2 years ago
Crappy job, didn't clean up my eyebrows like other places. I only tried them out because they were close by. Will not come here again, seriously 10 mins? Please take some time to do a good job.
Rana Momani said 2 years ago
I personally have never in my life seen such poor customer service as this salon do ! Today I went to this salon to get my hair styled (it was Mother's Day) after I called them a day before to asked if they do finger waives but they don't know how to do it ! So I asked for regular curls ,when I sat down I got so cold because they turned on all the fans ,and one of them was directly above my head ,and I am 9 months pregnant and my stomach is so sensitive and I have dried eyes too ,so I asked the stylist "Alexis" to turn off only the fan above my head ,she said sorry I can't do anything for you we have to leave it on for some reason !! And she was not nice to me at all ,I told her I am 9 month pregnant and my stomach is so sensitive I feel that I want to through up ,she said again sorry I can't do anything for you ! And she started doing my hair ,she didn't use hair spray while she curled my hair !! I asked her if she gonna use it she said if you want to I will use it ! I told her definitely ! How you gonna curl my hair without using spray ! When I am done I talked to manager ,unfortunately she was worse than her! I told her that I was treated very bad today and what happened to me was against humanity in my opinion ! I am 9 month pregnant and I told her what exactly happened ,instead of seeing some body nice and smiling on my face and saying happy Mother's Day I just saw a very bad treatment from the employee and the manager too ,the manager said sorry this is our policy ,and if you don't like our customer service you can go and find other salons !! I was surprised !! Managers suppose to solve the problems not make it worse and escalating the issue !!! So I told her based on what happened to me which was against humanity in my opinion ,I want to file a complain on Department of Consumers Affairs against the salon and the employees (Alexis and the manager) ,at the end I asked for their cosmetology license number which by low it has to be posted ,and she refused to give it to me ! But I research it online and I found it and I am about to file a formal complaint right now
Smartalicious Randomness said 2 years ago
i found out that their colored hair dye, like green, only lasts 2-3 weeks. That's with scarce washing! It will completely come out in chlorine. All for about $140