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Lydia Pagan said 4 years ago
Food was good...the Pina colada was more like water did not taste the shot of rum I asked for in my drink at all. Food took a while to come out also. Or maybe I was starving and it felt an eternity. But loved the atmosphere of the whole parguera area.
Roshelly Latorre said 4 years ago
Great restaurant where you can eat fresh sea food, their specialty mofongo filled with different kinds of fresh sea food or meats. Highly recommended
Gino M. said 4 years ago
I had an octopus salad with mofongo. When I asked the server if the octopus was fresh, she gave me a dismissive, unconvincing "yes" (a possible hint that it wasn't). Two stars because food was decent and the place was clean. But beware many items on the menu are pricey for a family style place, and at least one of the servers was quite unfriendly.
L Vazquez said 4 years ago
Food expensive and not good at all. Very rude service.
Luis Bernal said 4 years ago
good food. came out quick.

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