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Aquatica Pirates Jet Ski Adventure Tour

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Lee Salminen said 4 years ago
Captain Ivan was awesome. Had a total blast. Loved going out into open ocean. Very unique experience as a pirate. Will definitely be back.
malik allah said 4 years ago
Wow what can I say this was something I would never forget captain Ivan was the best pirate I ever met. His tour was so informative and like no other he will show Puerto Rico like most have never seen it. It was a good time I'm looking forward to doing it again. It was me and my wife's first time jet skiing and he goes out of his way to make sure you not only have fun but you are safe as well. Definitely worth every dollar. He takes pictures and shows you the Morro and the Bermuda triangle wow the views are beautiful thanks for everything captain Ivan
Joseph De Santis said 4 years ago
Life changing experience for my friend and I ! Ivan was a great tour guide with a great sense of humor . Thinking about going back once more before I leave Puerto Rico. Must do if you're in San Juan !!!
Catherine Pagan said 5 years ago
Fun fun fun... I did this spectacular Aquatica tour with my 15 year old daughter. We had an amazing time. For me was very easy make the reservation. Captain Ivan was waiting for us with the rest of the parties. Perhaps I arrived a little late, they received us so happy. THE TOUR WAS AMAZING. It was more than one and half hours, By far was so more fun than expected. We had the chance to.see.dolphins and.the.old.San.Juan in unique.way. Totally worth every.penny. Pictures.are.unreal beautiful. Thanks Captain Ivan.for unforgettable experience. See.you again.for sure.
Justin Anderson said 4 years ago
My wife and I went to Aquatica Pirates and became pirates. Capt Ivan will give you an elaborate history lesson of old San Juan and the government. Best experience ever. Got to jump in one point of the Bermuda triagle. Its well worth it. Capt Ivan even resent me the pictures after my wife's mothboard went out on her phone the next day.

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