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Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park

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Toro Verde & Tours Adventures & Park

ToroVerde is a new Ecological Adventure Park where you can spend the day enjoying some of the most breathtaking views of Puerto Rico while experiencing adventure

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Heriberto Valentin said 4 years ago
I was there back in 2015 and it was money well spent. I went with my mother who is already in her older years and the staff was very professional and did a good job of assuring her that all was safe. We did the regular zip lines and also the beast. It is definitely a thrill to feel like you are flying through the air and just the scenery alone is worth it. PR really needs more places like Toro Verde.the drive to the park and the money spent was all worth it. I hope to go again when I return to the Island and for all of you reading this I will say that it is worth it 100 %. Give it a try!!!
Sidney Beckom said 4 years ago
This was the most amazing place! Great service. Staff was the most professional people I have met in Puerto Rico! This is a must for everyone! Don't go by weather report for San Juan, it misled us into thinking thunderstorms for today. The weather was perfect for zip lining and only sprinkled rain. You must come here!
Sonya P said 4 years ago
Go! It will be the coolest thing you ever did! The longest zip lines, high in the clouds! There is hiking involved so stay hydrated and pace yourself, but it was so worth it! There's a nice restaurant upstairs at the main building with amazing views you can also visit. They provide equipment, you can rent gopros ($35 + tax), there is a professional photographer ($25 + tax) on the first 2 lines to take your picture while you are flying through the air, bus tours you name it. The guides are awesome, I had never been and did not make 1 mistake. Advice: it tends to rain in the afternoon in PR, and it rains cats and dogs in the mountains/forest. GO IN THE MORNING!! (If you get there between 8 and 10 you should be fine.) The clouds are so thick there you can only see white, so if it rains while you are in the line you will miss the incredible views. We took the bus tour that included a ride to and from, a great tour with Ray, zip lines and lunch. Well worth the $160 per person. Also, IF YOU ARE LIGHT, (under 120 lbs) I suggest you are the one carrying the back pack or put old lady weights on your ankles/feet. If you are too light you can get stuck halfway across the line and have to pull yourself across, you will be fine and guides are there to help, but you don't want that. Make sure you follow the directions the guides give you about how to hold your body so you don't create resistance through the air and can avoid getting stuck. Also, bring a back pack w/ extra clothes (it is wet!), wipes, WATER, sunglasses and cameras and phones. If you have a water resistant back pack, use that one. LADIES, I don't suggest short shorts as the harness and hike can chafe your thighs and ruin your trip. (I wore dry fit pants and I was fine). Also, I don't suggest a sports bra as a top, your bits can fall out on the line and you don't want that. You may also want a hat/bandana to tie on before you put on the helmet as these are rented (cleanliness) and to keep the Velcro inside from scratching your head and pulling your hair. I would also bring A hair tie. A must go when in PR!! And we saw some animals in the forest, lots of lizards! Sorry, my good pics and video are on the go pro, which I uploaded to my computer, and am writing this review on my phone, but trust me, you don't want to miss this!
Angus Macdonald said 4 years ago
Great experience! We did the 8 smaller ziplines, which allowed you to gradually ramp up the speed and length to the point that it felt (almost) comfortable at the end.
Lori Burgett said 4 years ago
Ok so this place was a great place for exhilarating adventure! They offer several different packages or you can single out their different options. We chose a package that was a little bit of everything! I think it was called "escape if you can." It included 3 regular zip lines, 3 rope bridges and a repelling down to the jungle floor, all followed by an amazing 1 mile long zip line called "the beast." We were taken by 2 experienced guides who both spoke excellent English and were happy to tell us all about the island and answer general questions. The BEST part about it was that these guys are SAFE! They are legit, and they use state of the art safety harnesses and equipment. They are also extremely organized! The guides did not make us feel rushed at all. We could go through everything at a comfortable speed for us. There is some mild to moderate hiking involved between some of the zip lines, but the are short distances. Any time there is a longer trip they have nice trucks to transport you. We really enjoyed talking to our guides, Javier and Geremillo! They took just me and my husband around and really helped calm my nerves! I felt safe and had so much fun!

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