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Puerto Rico Ports Authority

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Adam Romney said 6 years ago
I last traveled to Puerto Rico, for a conference. Your Island is the enchanted island "Isla de Encanto". I was very disappointed in the lack of security at the luggage check in. My luggage was screened and the young lady put a yellow seal on the zipper. I was surprised to see that I could get my luggage back. So I retrieved the garment luggage and weighed my suitcase,and went to get something to eat. Then I went to check in. I looked down at my suit case before handing it to the counter attendant and saw that the seal was coming off. I pressed on it to ensure it would not come and handed it over. Here are the problems. 1. After a bag is checked , it should go directly to the counter attendant. No one should be able to retrive their suitcase. 2. My particular garment luggage had side bags with zipp on the the sides, No seal was placed on them. I assume that all luggage is scanned behind the scene again.. Please , look into this so that I can feel safe the next time I leave Puerto Rico. This is Keith Romney Adams father.And should be posted

Delta flight diverted when off-duty flight attendant becomes unruly

www.cbsnews.com - 36 minutes ago
A Delta Air Lines flight from California to Georgia was diverted to Oklahoma on Friday night after a passenger became unruly and had to be subdued. Delta confirmed that the passenger was an off-duty flight attendant. CBS Los Angeles has the details.
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On top of Bennett’s to-do list is coordinating with the U.S.

www.nytimes.com - 36 minutes ago
The new prime minister sent a strong signal that he, too, would oppose a new nuclear deal with Iran, but is otherwise seeking to mend fences with the Biden administration.
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Kyrie Irving exits early with ankle injury in massive Nets blow

nypost.com - 37 minutes ago
Irving left midway through the second quarter against the Bucks and was ruled out for the rest of the game.
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NASA rocket launch will be visible from New York City this week

nypost.com - 47 minutes ago
A rocket set to launch from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia at 7 a.m. Tuesday will be visible on the East Coast, including in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, NASA said.
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Future uncertain for the Southern Baptist Church

www.cbsnews.com - 48 minutes ago
Two key roles in the Southern Baptist Convention are up for grabs, as the evangelical group experiences division over its political involvement and decreased membership. Ian Lovett with The Wall Street Journal joins Lana Zak on CBSN with more information.
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'In the Heights' Underwhelms with $11M Opening, Beaten by 'Quiet Place II' in Its 3rd Weekend

www.breitbart.com - 49 minutes ago
The release of “In the Heights” — a lavish song-and-dance musical accompanied by glowing reviews from critics and considered a milestone movie for Latinos — was widely seen as a cultural event.
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