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Bio Island Puerto Rico

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Boat Tour to the Bioluminescent Lagoon

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Johannes Svensk said 4 years ago
It was a nice experience! Quite expensive, but the staff was fantastic and made the most of our trip to Laguna Grande!
Brianna Petracca said 5 years ago
the best way to tour the bioluminescent bay. the guides were very informative about the bay and the mangroves and it's resident iguanas. the ride through the mangroves is beautiful(they don't have that in Vieques). i don't feel like the experience would have been as good if we were stuck with all the kayakers. it's a pretty good distance in the dark to the bay with many many other kayakers. not a trip for beginners yet there's many of them and that causes it to be even more congested. SPEND THE COUPLE EXTRA DOLLARS AND DO THE ELECTRIC BOAT TOUR. i promise you it's worth it. i'd suggest doing the latest tour because the darker it is the better you'll see the glow. the pictures online are a bit exaggerated, the concentration in all of Puerto Rico's bays it's not what it once was due to climate changes/pollution. also the lights from all the nearby resorts make it less optimal to view the dinos. for that reason they use tarps attached to the rail of the boat. you have reach under the rail anyways to stir up the water to see the glow so not a big deal(i am pretty short at 5'3" and had to stretch to reach the water, another woman on my tour couldn't reach at all they do give you sticks). again, it's not a blinding, brilliant glow, more of a sparkle like little bits of glitter in the water. it's a pontoon boat so you don't really have to worry about getting wet. parking wasn't a problem and there's lots of vendors and a couple restaurants in the area. there's the rainforest and a few snorkeling tours also in the Fajardo area so you can spend the whole day out there exploring(i did horseback riding on the beach at Rancho Buena Vista and a "mini boat" snorkeling tour).
cheyenne Teall said 5 years ago
These guys were so awesome and friendly they explained everything in detail and answer to every question you had. They only helped with the tour explaining everything in a way you can understand, but help with anything else about the island you needed to know definitely worth the trip I would go again!
Lynne ODonnell said 5 years ago
The guides were awesome the mangroves beautiful going through at night. The bio luminous water was disappointing to say the least, The only glow you got was by putting a stick in the water and swirling it!
Enid Coleslaw said 5 years ago
This was a really fun and memorable addition to our vacation. It was well worth the drive from our hotel in San Juan, especially because El Yunque was on the way! The bioluminescent microorganisms were just one element that made the boat tour special. Mario, the tour guide, was incredibly personable, knowledgeable, and passionate about his job. The mangroves were gorgeous and the whole area was very serene and picturesque. It was the perfect end to a day spent hiking in the rainforest. Highly recommended!

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