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Carlos Rosado said 4 years ago
We spent a anniversary here at Gripiñas two years ago. It was a beautiful experience. Loved to come back someday. Food was also great and the staff super friendly. Revisited: still a beautiful place to stay and eat.
Julio Cepeda Gomez said 4 years ago
This hotel would've been nicer if the tv actually worked but anyway, the place has a family friendly pool, has really good WI-FI service. This place has really nice decoration, really nice breakfast and dinner. The beds are comfortable and the air conditioning is very nice but if your coming on winter, trust me, you won't need it. It's family friendly and appropriate for activities like ; Sweet Sixteen's, Birthdays and Wedding Receptions. The staff is really nice BUT it's not that cheap, it is a little over- prized when you think about it... It's nature friendly and you are really close to nature. I saw some great views and even though my room didn't have a balcony it still had a pretty big window with a nice view of different mountains and then I went around the hotel and saw some pretty nice rooms with balconies. You have lots of resting areas and zones where you can talk with friends/ family and plan what you are going to do the next day. It's decorated like an old- fashioned plantation. It can be a romantic place for going and adult couples of any age. You can also go there with your family and have a pretty good time. The hotel has 2 pools a little one which is open at any season and a large one with a small slide but it's not open on December nor January because the place is on a mountain and it gets about 40 degrees and I still remember a time I went there on SUMMER and the pool was REALLY cold. In conusion od you are going on vacation to Jayuya this is a place to consider, now if you want to visit places like "El Morro" which is in San Juan you sould'nt take this hotel because the distances are going to be really long and there are not so many cabs around that area so it won't be a good idea to come but if you are only visiting places on the mountains or close places on Jayuya you should consider it.
Kiran Rajaram said 5 years ago
Of all the places I have stayed in this has to be my favorite. Literally tucked away from everything in the valley of the mountains. It's a cozy place and the staff was amazing. The building itself was well decorated and very clean. Highly recommend.
William Salaman said 4 years ago
great hotel. meals and drinks are very cheap
Victor Gonzalez said 5 years ago
If your looking for an ultramodern hotel, this is not the placr for you. This is a very nice hotel with an old fashion atmosphere, it's clean, quaint and we'll kept for its age.

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