Calle C, Ponce, 00716, Puerto Rico

Cruise Agency, Fitness, Locksmith, Painter, Clubs


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Sunday Open 24 hours

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La Guancha de Ponce

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Ricardo De Jesus said 4 years ago
Its a boardwalk. Full of people in the weekends. I like going there to sit down and have a talk with friends. Sometimes buy a smoothie, walk. You'll see kids and adults riding bikes on the weekends. Sometimes classic cars are parked. Sometimes there's live salsa music and people dancing. It's very lively in the weekends. Pretty much dead during the week, except a few of the businesses selling food.
Ricardo Delgado said 4 years ago
Great place to walk by the water. A lot of food and live music in every corner. At the end of the pier you can feed this giant fishes. I have a great time with my family.
Jamaries Ruiz said 4 years ago
This is a must-see place Majestic entertaining food fun beverages non-alcoholic/alcholic drinks of yr choice. dancing... little shops for shopping .. Over all hands down great place to visit at all times especially at night that's when the fun begins !!
Luis Vega said 4 years ago
Beautiful and relaxing. The food is great and the view is wonderful. The beach is perfect to sit and relax under the sun.
maricela jackson said 4 years ago
Live music , the food, dancing, this place is located at the southern most part of Puerto Rico. Seems like everyone on the island go there. Marina views, very family oriented place in the day at night seems more for adults. Great food , drinks , entertainment and most of all the friendliest people in the world. Great fun , great life..

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