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Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park

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Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park- Arecibo PR

Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park, Donde la Historia es una Aventura.

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jose santiago said 4 years ago
In the up side the views of the coast from the outside of the lighthouse are great, the aquarium is cool. The spray/pool is good for kids, not really for adults. Down side, can't go up in the lighthouse, not much actual history presented about the light house, the pirate theme seems out of place, the gift shop is sparse. It does seem a bit overpriced if you don't use the slash area. They do charge for parking but I didn't mind since they had a security guard.
Amanda Baer said 4 years ago
Great place for the children. Bring clothes to change into after the water park area. They close the water park and mini aquarium at 6, so the last hour we played on the park equipment. (They closed at seven, we went on a Saturday) The walk through the pirate area was pretty neat especially how the end was the aquarium, my girls liked that surprise.
Will K said 4 years ago
Worth a visit. Don't miss the pirate caves behind the boats. We were suprised there was an aquarium inside the caves. Unfortunately, it didnt look like the tanks were regularly maintained. The lighthouse museum was rather small as well. There was also a small splash place for the younger kids.
Greg D said 4 years ago
I wouldn't even give them 1 ⭐️ Tourist TRAP!!! And $3.00 to park is the icing on the cake!!!! You can't view the lighthouse because they are "preserving it". The view is half blocked by over grown vegetation, long over due for a trim! The kids park is horrible!! I've seen better splash parks in people's backyard!! What a joke!!! The water park is dirty the day we were there found blunt tip floating in the "hot tube", the water at the beautiful (FREE I MUST ADD) beach behind it was hotter than their "hot tub" 2/3 of the spray features don't work and paint is faded. In all my years (10) traveling around Puerto Rico I have never felt taken advantage of until we went to your park!! Even my 4 1/2 year old was unamused and after 10 minuets in the deplorable park we had enough. I should have know better based on the parking lot that had 4 cars... Don't be fooled the people at the gate make it sound like the next best thing to jelly bread!! I saved a couple on our way out I was sure to tell them to save their $27.00!! RIP OFF!!! If you like looking at the Lighthouses like me go to Caba Roho lighthouse it's free!!
Yoel Cruz said 4 years ago
Overpriced on crowded days but very peaceful on off season. (In the midst of school semester). Worth it if you have young ones, they enjoy it a lot and the grounds are beautiful

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