Arecibo, 00612, Puerto Rico

Cruise Agency, Locksmith, Diner

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Cueva del Indio

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Javier Alexis Rivera said 4 years ago
Breathtaking scenery unlike any on the island. Take note that the Birth of the New World statue is about an hour and a half away if you decide you want to walk across the cliffs and beach to see it up close. It looks a lot closer because it is a few meters from being the tallest statue in the world. Take a water, wear a hat, and enjoy!
TIM ROGERS said 4 years ago
This public park is free if you can find free parking along the road near where the paid parking areas are. Once you get your free parking to the west of the paid parking head towards the beach follow the beach to the east there will be many paths that head inland for a few seconds then keep heading east. Walk past the old abandon structure to the left is where the cave is to the top right are where more wonderful views are. Be carful of the waves don't get too close stay away from the wet rocks, stick to the dry rock you don't want to get a surprise wave taking you out.
Igoris C said 4 years ago
Shore and rock formation are fantastic. The only downfall is parking to get there. We drove there right before sunset to shoot some pictures, but private parking lot was closing at 5 PM. What a shame! So we left a car on open place to the west and went along the beach. Be sure not to leave anything inside the car that catches eye. Wear decent shoes as rocks are very sharp. Be very careful while climbing to the final spots. There are no handrails or smth. You are on your own (as anywhere else in PR). Not for small kids. With all that you will be rewarded with fantastic views.
melvin rosa said 4 years ago
A very unique place to visit. Looking down from the rocks the ocean water is so clear you can see the bottom. Some of the waves get so strong you can feel thuds when they hit the rocks.
V B said 4 years ago
We had the chance to meet a local man, who showed us around. It was spectacular and we went to an unusual path. So far, that was the highlight of my first 3 days in PR, and we've been sightseeing a lot since we got here. Can't wait to see if something will top that.

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