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La Chiva Beach - Vieques, Puerto Rico - "Blue Beach"

Full Guide to Playa (Beach) La Chiva on the offshore island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Best beach for snorkeling, swimming, clear waters in Puerto Rico. Map, directions, photos and more.

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Chris Bell said 4 years ago
We got engaged on this beach. More secluded than Playa Caracas, only saw one other couple here. Great snorkeling. Swim or paddle board to island... Walking on the coral is a horrible idea. Some unscrupulous looking folks stopped their car just past ours in the road where there was nothing but bushes. I heard this from the water (due to their lack of a muffler.) So I booked it to shore, ran up on the road just in time to catch the woman riding shotgun getting back in the car. They tried to start their car to drive off and it wouldn't start... she jumped back out to push, so I went to help. Tried to say hello and got angry suspicious looks in return, kind of like they just got caught trying to break into our car and were upset about it. Considering the rental car company specifically asks you to keep your doors unlocked so the windows don't get broke. That would have been no surprise. Wouldn't have ruined our day though... Not at THIS place.
Mike Betts said 4 years ago
I should not rate this beach so highly. Hate to spoil a great thing by inviting too many people there. My wife and I took a scooter-ride here and found it by luck. Very beautiful. Was very quiet late in the day in February 2017. The water near the beach is great for swimming. Farther out we enjoyed some great snorkeling. Very clean and natural setting.
Mariel Henkoff said 4 years ago
Beautiful, secluded beach in the eastern wildlife preserve. The access road is in pretty good shape and worth the trek for some of the most pleasant white sands and clearest waters the island has to offer.
romeo kim said 4 years ago
In A Nutshell: -Blue Beach was recently ranked as the 14th Most Beautiful Beache in the world by Conde Nast. -This beach sums up the island of Vieques perfectly: isolated, calm & beautiful water. -You take a bumpy road through the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. -It's possible to take a scooter here, I did it. -There are only 21 tiny turn-offs that allow you to access this beach. -You get total privacy, breath-taking views and QUIET. Overall, this is a great beache FAR AWAY from tourists!
Marcos Caballero said 5 years ago
Pretty, clean, easy road, nice snorkel area. Really enjoyable

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