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Puerto Rican Tour Company offering exciting Bio Bay or Bioluminescent Kayaking and Sailing Catamaran and Rainforest adventure tours in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

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Morgan Volker said 5 years ago
We took the traveler out to Icacos and spent 930am-330pm out on the boat! They stopped and allowed us to swim and hang out on a gorgeous white sand clear water beach with a little snorkeling, then we had lunch and drinks (built into the price! The lunch was especially amazing, the drinks were weak at first but the bartender I think realized it and made them super strong!) then went to a deeper ocean area for more hardcore snorkeling. This boat trip was amazing, the crew was fantastic, couldn't have asked for a better experience!
Kristina Riley said 6 years ago
The best day snorkeling trip ever!!!!! Everyone was so nice and helpful took our 2year old and 5 year old. Miss Carolyn took my daughter out with her. My daughter 5 was snorkeling all by herself it was amazing!!! We'll be back again

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