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Molina Healthcare of Puerto Rico

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Evelyn Diaz said 4 years ago
This is the worse company ever and if at any point has been any good, i need to report that NOT for the Puerto Rican people. It's sad how many people are dying without any approval of a simple nurse to come to the house and assist for a peaceful passing and with dignity. The way that this insurance company treats people it's very irresponsible and doesn't have any compassion. Money, money, money that's all what they care, but not to help the people that are in need. We're watching the face of our mother suffering with the horrible consequences of the stupid cancer, but what it hurts the most is how the CEOs and managers of this company live the life of having so much to the point of being nauseous, at the cost of poor people that aren't getting the medical care that the Federal Government of the United States is paying, but Molina prefers to get their pay check, and not be willing to think that people are dying without receiving the medical care that they are entitled. Along with the face of suffering that my mother is showing us I will do know something for certain and it is a message to you Molina Healthcare, you have a family too an a mother, a child and someone that you care and are giving all of your salary monies, well all of that monies you're ditching on your pockets will not be able to even get a painless experience than all the poor people that you're causing struggles. It's completely ridiculous and if can't keep up with Puerto Rico, just go away. There are a lot of hospitals, amazing doctors that are suffering the consequences of having to pay back money to you because the medical care they did to assist a needy patient, you wouldn't pay it. That's insane, it's a shame and your not honoring your name "Healthcare" you're should change your name to Molina Idon'tcare! Ridiculous, outrageous and insane. And your company is a Fortune 500!! Oh yes I know why, because it's all about how much monies you keep on your pockets letting thousands if not millions of people dying without giving them what they need. Good luck to your risky and fake business!
Anthony Colon said 4 years ago
Silamak Creighton said 4 years ago

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