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AutoZone in Mayaguez, PR | PR 2 KM 159

Yes! We’ve got the parts you’re looking for at your local AutoZone - PR 2 KM 159, Mayaguez, PR.

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Alexavier Gil Minguela said 4 years ago
Clean and organized store, competitive prices and fast service.
Héctor said 4 years ago
Come in, get what you need, out the door fast. Love that. Leaving the store I have to make a U-turn at a traffic light, that I don't like so much.
Carlos Rosado said 4 years ago
Good service! Huge parts inventory available onsite.
Juan Carlos Román said 4 years ago
Prices are too high, though good for their free check-engine light diagnosis
Ovidio Pool said 4 years ago
Great service

Major spring snowstorm hits central U.S.

www.cbsnews.com - 22 minutes ago
A spring blizzard grounded planes in Denver and dropped a heavy load of snow across the plains Wednesday. Barry Petersen reports.
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Clinton targets Trump and Cruz in foreign policy speech

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Hillary Clinton put the Republicans back in her crosshairs Wednesday as she dismissed Ted Cruz and Donald Trump's solutions to ISIS in a foreign policy speech. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders called long wait times for voters in Arizona's primary a 'disgrace.'
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Cruz's call for Muslim surveillance criticized

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After the Brussels attacks, Ted Cruz called for heavier surveillance of Muslim communities. That statement was met with disdain from fellow GOP candidate John Kasich and NYPD Commissioner William Bratton. Dean Reynolds reports.
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BLM protesters rally outside home of Jonathan Pentland after viral video

nypost.com - 24 minutes ago
Dozens of Black Lives Matter protesters rallied outside the South Carolina home of a soldier charged with assaulting a black man in a now-viral video. Videos showed a large group holding BLM signs and shouting through a megaphone Wednesday as they stood i
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New device could detect explosive popular with terrorists

www.cbsnews.com - 25 minutes ago
In Rhode Island, researchers are developing a new device to detect a homemade explosive called TAPT. It is made with hydrogen peroxide and acetone, items that can be easily purchased at a drug store, and was found in an apartment raided outside of Brussel
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The wounded Americans

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About a dozen Americans were wounded or are missing in the Brussels attacks. That includes Mormon missionaries, a missing couple, and a brother and sister whom no one has heard from. Vladimir Duthiers has more.
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