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Nos Mudamos Nuevas Facilidades de EuroHouse Vallas Torres #403, Mercedita PR 00715 Phone 787-505-3346 Select a Vehicle to get Started Select Category Audi  (115)    A3  (44)    A4  (37)       B5 (96-01)  (22)       B6 (02-04)  (22)       B7 (05-08)  (17)       B8  (5)    A5  (1)    B8 (08+)  (16)       S4  (8)    C7 RS6  (2)    C7 RS7  (3)    C7 S6  (5)    C7 S7  (5)    C7.5 RS6  (3)    C7.5 RS7  (3)    C7.5 S6  (5)    C7.5 S7  (5)    TT MK1  (43)    TT MK2  (36)       TT-RS  (10) BMW  (19)    135i / 335i  (12)       N54  (5)       N55  (4)    E36 (92-99)  (4)    E46 (99-05)  (4)    E53  (3)    E70  (3)    E83  (3)    E90 E91 E92 E93  (6)    F10  (3)    F25  (3)    F30  (5)    M3 (E90, E92, E93)  (5)    M3 E46  (6) Eurohouse_News  (8)    EH Special Project Vehicles  (1) Mini  (17)    R56 07+  (13)    R58 2011+  (6) News  (11) Performance Parts  (214)    aFe Power  (4)    ATP  (13)    Autotech  (24)    Black Forest  (29)    Clutch Masters  (2)    CTS Turbo  (47)       Head Spacer Kits  (1)       VW Turbo Kit  (2)    DeatschWerks  (3)       Fuel Injectors  (2)       Fuel Pump  (1)    Ecs Tuning  (16)    EH-Motorsport  (3)       Down Pipe  (1)    Euro Sport  (8)    Forge Motorsport  (31)    Franken Turbo  (1)    HPA Motorsports  (4)    Integrated Engineering  (20)    ST Suspensions  (1) Porsche  (8)    911  (4)    GT2  (3)    Macan  (1) Proyects  (18) Software & Tuning  (110)    BMW Performance Tunes  (3)    Burger Motorsports  (5)    C2 Motorsports  (17)    United Motorsport  (11)       DSG  (1)       Haldex  (1)    Unitronic  (74)       Unitronic Hardware  (16) Uni Gear  (9) Volkswagen  (249)    Beetle (12+)  (10)    Corrado  (9)    MK1  (7)    MK2  (15)       1.8 8V  (11)       2.0 16V  (11)    MK3  (49)       2.0 8V ABA  (26)       VR6 12V  (29)    MK4  (87)       .:R32  (19)       1.8T 20V  (66)       2.0 8V AEG  (37)       VR6 12V  (37)       VR6 24V  (19)    MK5  (66)       .:R32  (15)       2.5L  (18)       FSI  (49)    MK6  (72)       1.4 TSi  (1)       GLi  (10)       Golf R  (31)       TSI  (54)    MK7  (43)       1.8T GEN 3  (19)       Golf R  (26)       TSI EA888 GEN 3 MQB  (37)    New Beetle  (25)    Passat  (8)       B6 (05-01)  (7)  Unitronic is pleased to announce the official worldwide release of its Performance Software* for the North American 1.4 TSI engine. Manufacturer: CTS Turbo Product ID: CTS-IT-220.1 Description At CTS Turbo we are proud to announce our new air intake system for the VW/Audi range of vehicles. The OEM air scoop works in conjunction with our sealed airbox to seamlesly force cold air into our air intake system.  Air then flows through our high flow cone air filter, which utilizes an inverted cone design for maximum engine breathing.  Our single piece CNC mandrel bent aluminum intake pipe allows for smooth entry of cold air into the the engine providing peak power gains ranging from 9-15WHP. By using a factory MAF housing, you can be sure that fuel trims will remain perfect. All of the components included in the CTS air intake system work flawlessly together to provide increased horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band and an aggressive race-inspired sound. Manufacturer: CTS Turbo Product ID: CTS-MQB-BOSS Description CTS Turbo is proud to introduce world’s first truly bolt-on turbo upgrade for MQB vehicles. After a long and tedious R&D process, our engineers have finalized this turbo upgrade kit to create a modular package that is capable of producing upwards of 600hp and has the long-term reliability of a genuine Garrett Gen2 GTX turbocharger. Price: $379.99 Manufacturer: CTS Turbo Product ID: CTS-HW-266-187 Description CTS Turbo is proud to release our Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit for 3.0T FSI. At 187mm, this CTS pulley is larger diameter than stock and made from precision billet T66061 aluminum. It replaces the two piece design of the stock pulley and also reduces the rotational mass of the crank, freeing up horsepower.  Parts & Services Ordena hoy 787-505-3346 Your cart is empty

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Irma Laboy said 4 years ago
Great service
Pablo Rivera said 4 years ago
Good service for European cars...
Ely Flores said 4 years ago
Buen servicio
Felix Melendez said 4 years ago
buenos precios
Guaili E Ossorio Alvarado said 5 years ago

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