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Luis Rivera said 4 years ago

Analysis: Oprah shows the world how it's done

www.cnn.com - 14 minutes ago
Leverage your celebrity wattage, A-list connections and interview track record. Produce a gorgeously staged sit-down interview in a comfortable setting. And roll out tempting teasers for a week ahead of time.
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Pope Francis Welcomed With Red Carpet And Military Band On First Ever Trip To Iraq

www.npr.org - 31 minutes ago
The Vatican has sought to make a papal trip to Iraq, the traditional home of Abraham and now a shrinking Christian minority, since 2000. Pope Francis ended his first day there with religious leaders.
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There's A History Of Inequality In The Courtroom Ahead Of George Floyd Murder Trial

www.npr.org - 31 minutes ago
NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Sonia Gipson Rankin, law professor at the University of New Mexico, on jury selection and the history of bias and discrimination in the system ahead of the Chauvin trial.
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The Last Picks For NBA All-Star Game, Utah Jazz Players May See Finger Jams After All

www.npr.org - 31 minutes ago
In Thursday's draft for the NBA All-Star Game, the last two picks were the two players from the Utah Jazz. It's not the only indignity Jazz fans have endured in their time supporting the franchise.
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Bipartisan Bill In Kentucky Might Keep Voter Access Expansions After COVID-19

www.npr.org - 31 minutes ago
While lawmakers in other states battle over voting reforms, Kentucky may pass a bipartisan bill that would keep some of the policies put in place last year that expanded voting access during COVID-19.
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Author Kazuo Ishiguro Explores Love, Loneliness And Connection In 'Klara And The Sun'

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NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Kazuo Ishiguro about his new novel, Klara and the Sun, a story about a small AI girl robot created to keep teens from becoming lonely.
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