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Angel R Pagan said 4 years ago

Hong Kong watching Chinese nuclear plant after leak reported

abcnews.go.com - 20 minutes ago
Hong Kong’s leader says her government is closely watching a nearby Chinese nuclear power plant following a news report that it might be leaking
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EU foreign policy chief urges Serbia, Kosovo to move forward

abcnews.go.com - 26 minutes ago
The European Union's foreign policy chief is hoping for “rapid progress” in EU-brokered negotiations aimed at resolving a long-lasting dispute between Serbia and Kosovo that remains a source of tension in the volatile Balkans
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Seth Meyers Has A Strategy To Bury A Trump Rerun

- 26 minutes ago
America "definitely has a split personality," Meyers said, but he's devised a way to dodge one of them.
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How conservative groups injected fear of critical race theory into school board battles

www.nbcnews.com - 31 minutes ago
In towns nationwide, well-connected conservative activists, and Fox News, have ramped up the tension in fights over race and equity in schools.
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The Biden-Putin summit: High stakes, low expectations

www.nbcnews.com - 31 minutes ago
The lack of results expected from the Geneva meeting is in sharp contrast to the long list of U.S. complaints about recent Russian behavior.
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Ex-Bush Speechwriter Dismantles ‘The Dreams Of Conservatives’ In Scathing Essay

- 59 minutes ago
There's no contest between the "contending nightmares" being put forward, argued Michael Gerson.
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