1451 Ave Dr Ashford, San Juan, 00907, Puerto Rico

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Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital

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Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital | El Presby

El Presby es uno de los más avanzados hospitales no gubernamentales del Caribe y ha sido reconocido tanto por su cuidado médico de alta calidad como sus esfuerzos caritativos para el indigente.

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Luis Fernandez said 4 years ago
Worst hospital in town. Don't even try to go to the emergency room. Doctors there thing they are God, and can treat you as a disposable object. They don't take their time to understand and explain anything. Try to go somewhere else. Never there. (and please, do not try to make labs there.... You will need the whole morning until they collect the samples...)
Dani Guardiola said 4 years ago
I had a good experience here, the staff is helpful and nice and I got the medical attention I needed without complication.
Shaq Rojas said 4 years ago
I was born here 15 years ago!!This place is holy for me😂
Don Anderson said 4 years ago
Convenient location. Nice enough. Generally bilingual.
Randy La Botte said 4 years ago
So far so good. Body surfing... Slammed into the beach. Four hours later... discharged from ED. Xray confirmed, broken clavicle... script for pain, arm sling and 'everyone' was nice...

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