Calle Concordia, Calle Jobos Y Calle Marina, Ponce, 00717, Puerto Rico




Driving Directions

Parque Urbano Dora Colón Clavell

About the business

Dora Colon Clavell Park

Dora Colon Clavell Park in Ponce is very close to the town square and one of the city’s finest.

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Migdalia Cosme Colon said 4 years ago
Great place for taking photos. Colonial styled trolley station. Has beautiful gazebo and hosts food truck, gourmet fool festivals.
CJR Valladares said 4 years ago
Nice Park, many trees and has a underground parking lot. Various events are being held here on a regular basis.
Señor Méndez said 5 years ago
Good for family. Bring your mosquito repellent.
Sol Luis Colón said 4 years ago
Excellent for tournaments and exercise
octavio cordoliani said 10 years ago
nice quiet place to read a book and get some shade

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