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Andrew Maroulis said 4 years ago
TERRIBLE service. Waitress was extremely rude, ignoring us, then getting annoyed when we couldn't find the menus in her prep station. She then just stood in front of us while we looked at the menu and then practically demanded the payment as soon as we finished. Just for reference, it wasn't busy, or close to closing hours. I give them 2 star because the food is great, but $18 for two tacos and water is ludicrous, especially in PR
Amanda Benoit said 4 years ago
Waitress was rude, dismissive, and acted as if we were bothering her. The food itself (fish and chicken tacos) was good but overpriced. Do yourself a favor and grab food elsewhere and bring it to the beach.
Peter Babel said 4 years ago
Tasty food, close to the beach and the service (or food prep) wasn't slow. However, gone are the times when they served alcohol. The portions are too small to get excite about. Little more than $6 will get you a taco that only provokes your taste buds, but doesn't satisfy.
Boris Fett said 4 years ago
Really good tacos. They make them to order so its not really a quick lunch but it's worth the few minute wait. Great view as its very close to the beach.
Martha Richards said 4 years ago
Practically right on Steps Beach with creative tiled tables. But the kicker is their fish tacos - soft taco itself is first seared on one side with parmesan cheese getting it crusty. Sauce over the snapper ( though that can change) is homemade with mayo, vinegar, black sesame seeds, and honey....with wonderful veggies - what a melding of flavors - sadly only 1 in the serving at $5 but so worth it. Also awesome pina colada made with frozen banana, pineapple juice, coconut milk and lots of rum. You may think this is a strange place to go for lunch but between the view and tasty food for not a lot of money, do go there. Oh, and very friendly staff!

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