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Prism Integrated Solutions Inc

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Prism Integrated Solutions Inc.

Prism is an oilfield equipment manufacturing company that manufactures and services a wide variety of products used in all steps of the production process. Prism is company that prides itself on being a step ahead and being located in Canada has helped us in attaining this goal, often having emission laws and new more secure/safe techniques being implemented here before anywhere else in the world, we are constantly upgrading our production technology. Being no stranger to the harshest conditions nature has to offer on both ends of the spectrum be it hot or cold, light or dark, has also helped propel our designs ahead of the rest of the worlds. So if your looking for products that can stand up to the worst of conditions and still perform like the best? You've come to the right place. Prism is a design/manufacture facility focused on making common oilfield products as cost effective and readily available as possible. We also create and modify designs for niche products that others don't have the knowledge or facility to build. Manufacturing is all about systems and process. We start our process with state of the art design software. With software like Solidworks we don't have to worry about errors in construction because we've already built virtual models of our products. Once we have complete drawings we have the parts made then assembled into finished products. We strive for innovation and excellence in all of our products. Making newer better ways of building and using production products is less of a job and more of an obsession. While Prism is a young company the staff has been in the oil and gas industry for over 25 years. Some choose us for our unique products, others for our quality of work. Regardless of how you choose us, you'll be glad you did.