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Watford Roof Truss commenced operations in 1972 in Watford, Ontario. Since that time, our company has been building quality roof trusses for the residential, agricultural and commercial industries. In 1978, Watford Roof Truss began exporting into the Michigan market, and by 2000 half of our company’s sales were devoted to this market. In the spring of 1985, our company’s manufacturing facility was completely destroyed by fire, but returned to production within a six week period. Later that year, a brand new plant was built. In 1998, in an effort to keep up with growing sales in the United States and Canada, we undertook extensive capital expansion increasing plant size, and adding new production lines incorporating the latest technology. Since 2002, our plant has continued to modernize and upgrade plant machinery and software. Today, our company is focused on building market share in Ontario (Windsor to Toronto). Watford Roof Truss is one of the leading manufacturers of wooden roof trusses for the residential, agricultural and commercial markets in Southwestern Ontario. As the largest manufacturer in Watford Ontario, we have been an important employer for the Counties of Lambton and Middlesex for over 40 years. Watford Roof Truss employs a team of 10 seasoned designers, most with over 10 years’ experience, utilizing updated MiTek Sapphire whole house design software. Our team of designers can process any order imaginable, from a 10 foot garden shed to a 20,000 square foot custom home. When a builder has a question about trusses they can always communicate directly with the designer of their job. Simple to complex, large to small, our approachable team has the skills and knowledge to guide you through any project. Watford Roof Truss is committed to providing our clients with quality built trusses and components. Our plant is in continuous improvement, implementing the latest in truss manufacturing equipment including Virtek Laser guided setup for complex designs. Our latest improvements include the Planx automated jigging hardware and Horizontal Stackers for our trusses to improve handling and package bundling. As technology advances so will our manufacturing plant and processes and ultimately our clients’ satisfaction. Our clients built us and we are committed to helping them build! Commercial Roof Trusses Latest Technology Overview of Building Site Stacks of Roof Trusses Roof Truss Hardware Custom Home General Manager 519-876-2612 ext 208 Sales | Reception 519-876-2612 ext 0 Engineering Manager 519-876-2612 ext 217 Product and Shipping Manager 519-876-2612 ext 202 1-800-265-3470 We are founding members of the Ontario Wood Truss Fabricators Association (OWTFA)

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