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maryline nicolas said 4 years ago
After they filed my taxes, I was offered a prepaid card instead of cash, I was told I would get a password on my cell phone to access my account online. It didn't work. I had to go back to ask them to reset the password, the very RUDE front desk lady told me they couldn't help, (she had no clue what I was talking about and wouldn't allow me to talk to someone who could help). She told me to call the number on the back of the card and I was charged $3.00 to rectify their error. I realized yesterday that It wasn't the only error that was made. The mailing address they provided to Revenue Canada was WRONG!!! and nothing close to the mailing address I provided. And of course, Revenue Canada also got the wrong email address. I cannot access my account on DCbank.ca, because there must be another wrong data somewhere and I would have to pay to rectify it. It makes me think this is how they force you to spend money they will end up keeping in their pocket. I now have to call Revenue Canada and give them all the RIGHT datas, so I won't end up having trouble like money that I still owe them. Who knows? Ive been wondering who lives at that address the H&R Block employee provided. Anyways... It was my first experience at H&R Block, Very disappointing experience.And for the amount of money I was charged to have my taxes filed (over $100 for just me),I was expecting a smooth experience. I will definitely NOT recommend to my family and friend and make sure they tell their friends and family. Their Canadian and US Facebook pages are full of complaints. Almost all like horror stories. I cannot wait for monday to be able to talk to Canada revenue and rectify all these (intended??) mistakes. Bad Service!!
Taylor Richardson said 3 years ago