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Everything you need before you file. Tax Software - How To's 1If you discover an H&R Block error on your return that reduced your refund (or increased your liability), we will amend the return at no additional charge to correct our error. If H&R Block makes an error in the preparation of your tax return that costs you any interest or penalties on additional taxes due, although we do not assume the liability for the additional taxes, we will reimburse for the interest and penalties. Not everyone gets a refund.2Based on 2014 revenue for personal tax returns at H&R Block Canada, Inc.3AgriStability, AgrInvest, bankruptcy, multi-jurisdiction, spouse living in different provinces, deceased taxpayer, corporate, and trust returns not supported.4The CRA's NETFILE service is scheduled to open mid-February 2016. Income tax preparation companies must seek NETFILE certification from the Canada Revenue Agency (the "CRA") for tax preparation products to be used in conjunction with CRA's NETFILE electronic tax filing service. CRA typically estimates 8-14 days for electronic transmissions with direct deposit.5If there is a calculation error in your filed return that is attributable solely to our software, we will reimburse you for any resulting CRA and RQ penalties and interest charges. See the End User License Agreement for full terms and conditions.Turbo Tax® is a registered trade mark of Intuit Inc. UFile® is a registered trade mark of Dr. Tax Software Inc. sadsadasasdadsasdasdsadsda -->

Mason Moniz said 3 years ago
I called hr block where I have filed my taxes since I was 20 years old and I am now 34. Very discouraged disappointed that for one the lady I spoke to Anita was rude doesn't understand my English nor can speak English in a correct form. I called due to being reassessed twice on an amended slip which hr block filed I asked her is this something hr block can take care of for me since they are my authorized reps and she went on and on for me to hear her out and she wasn't understanding what I was saying and putting words and situations in my mouth. I wasn't asking for adjustments she basically dumped me off to wherever I got the slip go to your issuer and tell them to take it off the system when essentially I will need the copy of the amended slip hr block has for my 2015 taxes filed with them. Needless to say I was discouraged told her I was done hearing what she had to say she wasn't getting me we weren't on the same page it was nuts and I hung up. Never again will I refer family or friends there and this year I'll be going to a real accountant. Nothing but headaches to get ahold of anyone it's the runaround they aren't trained experienced don't speak English. It worries me I left taxes in these peoples hands but lesson learned.
shannon l said 3 years ago
My mom and I went there yesterday.. what a terrible experience!!! My mom explained to the first lady we saw that she needed to file her taxes and the taxes for her husband who died in December... the lady quickly said that she didn't know how to do a file for a deceased person... she then passed us on to someone else... the next woman didn't even give us the common courtesy of condolences for our loss... she just started explaining to my mom that she was missing things that need to be sent to cra... she then went on about how if we wanted to use rent on taxes without receipts, that we would have to sign a letter stating that she told us we needed it... just in case we came back and said she didn't tell us.... she must have explained it to us 4 times... I then started to get upset because this is a very hard thing for my mom to do and we didn't need a lecture over and over as if we were some sort of liers!!!! After I got upset and asked her if she could stop lecturing us and just do my mom's taxes, she stood up and said she wouldn't do it... we'll have to ask someone else to help.. The manager was just as rude... when I told him what his employee said he really didn't acknowledge it... I then said to him how hard this is for my mom and to try and put himself in her shoes if his wife died.... well... I guess that upset him... I just wanted to be shown some compassion... but there wasn't any... I will never ever go back to an h and r block!!!
Amanda Beattie said 3 years ago
Very Unsatisfied with H&R block, they tell you one thing and then lie about another. I have almost been waiting for back pay for a month, I owed money and from the money i get back they take what i owe and deposit the remaining into my account. I call them today and they say no your not getting back this its this amount, meanwhile i seen the computer with my own two eyes what i was actually getting back. I believe they are scam artists and liars. Will not be doing my Taxes ever again with them.
Jamie Galloro said 3 years ago

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