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Bookkeeping Services -  Virtuous Bookkeeping

Online bookkeeping services for Canadian Businesses - Our mission is to help organizations increase their focus on value added tasks, maintain financial organization and decrease costs.

Glen Carter said 3 years ago
I would like to thank Virtuous Bookkeeping for all the great work they have done for our company. We had an internal bookkeeper for 20 years and all of a sudden they were not able to attend work anymore due to health reasons. We started interviewing for another bookkeeper and hired one a few times but the turnover, training and management of the new employee was too much to handle. We decides to outsource our bookkeeping tasks and that is when we heard about Virtuous. They came to our business for 2 weeks onsite and developed a process flow map for all the duties and implemented all new technologies to make the process more efficient. From this point on we are very impressed and extremely happy with all the work. Our account rep is very responsive and the support team is very helpful. Thanks again and we highly recommend Virtuous Bookkeeping!
Ronit Khamba said 3 years ago
Rahul and his team have been nothing but thorough professionals with a keen insight of complexities of a small business owner! For our family, bookkeeping is an added amount of stress that folks at Virtuous have handled so well - it helps that they also have a sense of humour which makes such cumbersome tasks as filing sales reports that much easier! Thanks guys and keep up the good work
Raj Takhar said 3 years ago
Virtuous Bookkeeping has guided me through setting up my small business, they have handled all my accounting needs; allowing me time to focus on operations. I like the personal touch they give and at no time did I feel like just a number.
Anton Havorka said 3 years ago
These guys replaced my old bookkeeper, when he retired. Saved me quite a bit of trouble looking for a new one I can rely on. They convinced me I should try them out, and I don't regret it. Saves me money compared to local bookkeeper, and time as well, since I don't have to manage anyone.
Joshua Rodrigues said 3 years ago
Very easy to deal with, professional, honest and best of all, a reliable service. 100% recommended.

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