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Virginia Tire & Auto of Ashburn-Dulles

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Virginia Tire & Auto of Ashburn-Dulles: Mechanic & Car Repairs

Need automotive services? Virginia Tire & Auto of Ashburn-Dulles' mechanics offer quality tires, repairs, oil changes, inspections & more. Visit us today.

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RF Swartz said 4 years ago
I have brought my vehicles to this shop for years and never really commented on the quality and excellent service that I have received. However, this time is different and I will comment...I had ordered new wheels for my truck and I called to confirm receipt of the wheels and was greeted very professionally and welcoming by Kilroy. I then took my truck in to have the wheels installed and spoke w/ Turk. Turk took my information and got me setup for an installation. They unfortunately do not have a 'touchless' tire mounter and informed me w/ this up front and advised me of a local shop that could assist. So, rather than just changing the wheels/tires and possibly damaging the wheels they asked the appropriate questions and arranged service. Now, with the wheels and tires ready to go...Turk called to inform me that the lug nuts did not fit and sure enough, the company where I had bought the wheels from had shipped the wrong lug nuts. Turk, talked me through options and even suggested that he might be able to assist. But, I contacted the company from where I bought the wheels and they informed me that they could get the lug nuts out and to me before the weekend. Then the next day, I checked the tracking and wrong...they were scheduled for Monday...that meant my vehicle was going to be stuck at VA Tire and Auto over the weekend. I called Turk to let him know and he took it upon himself to follow-up again and spoke w/ his service manager Chris and the team at VA Tire and Auto...found some lug nuts for my truck. The team Turk, Ty, Justin, Chris and the folks in the back got my wheels and tires mounted and to me before the weekend. Thank you VA Tire and Auto for all the service w/ my recent visit and ALL the prior ones.
Brian Bae said 4 years ago
Always comes here for safety inspection and the staff is very nice. Very clean facility with Free WiFi and coffee and my car gets serviced in a timely manner all the time except at the end of the month (which is expected due to the amount of cars being serviced).
Wes Dopp said 4 years ago
Three times I bring my truck in to fix the headlight, each time you say it's good. Next day it's out again. Stop wasting peoples time.
SubZub said 4 years ago
I came here back in April 2016 with a modified car expecting to pass state inspections. They failed me because my catalytic converter did not "look like a catalytic converter." That was one of the stupidest things I've heard all year. I left that place dumber than I arrived. The person in charge failed me without care for explanation or reconsideration. "That car has no cat," was what he said and that was pretty much final. I believe he was the manager on duty. Anyway I took my car to another shop the next morning and did my state inspection AND emissions test just for the hell of it and I passed both... This goes to show the annoyance, highly intolerant, incompetence, and arrogance this team had toward me as a customer. I will never return here. Do not come here if you have done anything to your car, like adding a seat cover, or you will fail.
Chris Gandy said 4 years ago
This is the only place I go to get my car serviced. They always to a great job and get me in 'n out in about an hour. Ford's Fish Shack is a short 1 min walk away ... and a lunch there takes almost exactly as long as the oils change and tire rotation.

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