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Carlos Nevarez
Went in for an annual physical. Nothing other than that. Either the billing department coded the visit wrong or the doctor ordered unnecessary lab work because three weeks later I got a bill for over $300 of uncovered lab work. Wife went in for annual physical and same thing, except her lab work bill is for $700. I have called over a dozen times, left voice mails and not one single call back. Do not visit this facility unless you have plenty of time and like to be frustrated with their paperwork incompetence or willingness to run labs that are not necessary on your bill.
Srujana Reddy
Pathetic service. Went in with a broken finger and waited for over 3 hours to only to hear back that they cannot diagnose looking at the x-ray and that they would call back once the doctor takes a look. It has been close to a week and they have not called back. Following up with them is no use either. This place is truly a joke.
Satish Iyengar
Only way to describe this facility is horrible and careless. Nurse Practitioner did not put right code on CT Scan order and above all she gave somebody else's order to me. This shows how much (how much less) they care about privacy. Absence of the right code meant that I could not do CT Scan when there was the need. Now I have to wait out for the long weekend and pray I won't experience the pain. They were rude when I pointed the fault. At-least they must acknowledge the mistake and have a courtesy to say this won't be repeated. Waste of $50 Absolutely horrible.
Ronnie Claar
As said before staff is very rude and uncarring. Report being made to Inoa.
Ryan Long
This place is a joke. Been here 3 times over the last 6 years and every time a horrible experience. The doctors are not of the highest caliber and I will never return. Not to mention billing issues and sending prescriptions to out of state pharmacies. Stay away.

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