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Paul Marchuk said 5 years ago
Cancelled my appointment without calling me and waited for me to actually show up to tell me this. Then asked me to book the next day, the nerve! I don't have time to drive around town until its convenient for them. No thanks, obviously this business doesn't need my money. Pathetic customer service, they should be ashamed! Will never visit location again.
chris todd said 5 years ago
Been going regularly for several years. Always great, never an issue. The owner and front desk are friendly and everyone's always accommodating. I wouldn't even compare it to Massage Envy - no contracts, games, or teasers here. Online scheduling and I can always find out when my regular preferred therapist is available. I've got a high-stress job and travel almost weekly, and have been doing massage for about a dozen years. When I can get in it absolutely gets me calm, relax and centered. The therapists at La Vida in Ashburn are all professional, but everyone has a different style. I suggest trying a few before you find that one that really clicks with you. As for the person who complained about someone calling in sick, not sure I get your view here. Stuff happens, people get sick - usually without warning. Do you want a sick person massaging you?? They can't manufacture a therapist out of thin air, and they certainly can't always keep someone just standing around in case something happens. While it's unfortunate when something like this happens, I'm not sure what you expected? This is a practice where someone is literally touching your with their bare hands - unless you want a cold, I think the offer to reschedule was entirely reasonable.
Ayushmaan Ganotra said 5 years ago
Great place to get a massage! Only thing is that they didn't massage my quads and hamstrings.
Ginny Snaider said 6 years ago
I have been very satisfied with with the service at La Vida. Staff knows their job and understands the various needs at any given time for a part of the body having stress or pain.
Sheri Chamblee said 6 years ago
Very professional, skilled therapists, delightful ambiance and very reasonably priced! Always a great experience at LaVida. I can't wait for my next appointment.

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