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This page lists the various methods of contacting the Toronto Centre Tax Services Office. It lists office/mailing address, fax number, tax centre, and service options.

Mike Wiltse said 2 years ago
Wow, I wish it was possible to give zero stars. Literally the worst experience I've had dealing with any service. I registered for direct deposit OVER A YEAR AGO, now I've received an email saying I should login to my account to receive it, with zero information as to where I can login, and zero information about my account. Now I'm unable to receive my money AND they have no method for me to contact anyone. F*** YOU CRA. YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK FOLKS!!
A Makda said 3 years ago
Didn't have to deal with the agency except for a few time for personal and work related matters and honestly i always got my answers in a timely fashion. I did have to wait for a few minutes (less then 10 minutes I am sure) but now a days you wait when you call customer service everywhere and sometimes these big telecom companies keep you waiting for hours on end just to get rid of your call. Anyways, no complaints here against CRA.
Matthew Farrell said 3 years ago
Been waiting for a tax credit I was approved for EIGHT months ago, and still no sign of it. I got a letter in the mail in April saying it would be 3 weeks when I receive it, but it's late July and I STILL don't have it, and they can't tell me when I can expect it. So in other words, don't expect it soon. Ridiculous, bush league organization. Would give them 0 stars if I could.
Donna Kakonge said 3 years ago
I just spoke to a man named Don at the Preassessment Review Office and he has to be the most daft individual I have ever had a conversation with in my life! But as well...Happy Birthday Angie! You were a pleasure to speak to. Also a pleasure speaking to you too Lynn and Donna and many, many others. Don...I probably caught you on a bad day.
Giselle Picillo said 3 years ago
I don't believe this is an agency sanctioned by the government. I was given a n automated message by phone that this agency is going to start some sort of legal procedure to sieze assets, place a lien, and a collection agent will be coming by to collect, I don't know what they think I owe, but this process is all wrong and smells like a scam. Since when does any government office or department work this quickly.