7 Manchester St, Concord, NH 03301, USA





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Terrill Park Dog Park
Ian Detamore said 2 years ago
Nice not all dirt/gravel. Pup always meets new friends and has a blast. Never wants to leave and gets excited a half mile away.
Angie Langill-Schonarth said 2 years ago
This is a wonderful beautiful park. It brakes my heart to learn that the city of Concord is taking it away from us and building a sports center her in a year or two. My little dog and those of many of my friends love it here.
Stephen Bradley said 2 years ago
This is a decent little park. Nothing amazing, just a fenced area with a couple of picnic tables if you want to sit down while your dog plays. Has two separate fenced areas that are adjacent to each other (share a fence line in the middle) one for small dogs, one for large. Not very wide, but long enough for the dogs to stretch their legs and run back and forth, chase a ball, etc. People are doing a good job of cleaning up after themselves from what I can see.
Charles Mason said 1 year ago
Not muck of a grassy place.no exercise equipment
Sam Pepin said 2 years ago
Though the fenced in dog park it's self is servicable, it is only because it is removed from the rest of the park. It would be a nice enough place to take my dog if it was in a less seedy location. The area around the dog park looks like a low budget apocalypse movie, there's trash everyhere and homeless people meet there to have sex. Two stars because the park across the river has what appears to be a permanent settlement consisting of mattresses and other various repurposed garbage, making this technically not the worst park in Concord. Can we please get these folks into shelters? It's heart breaking to see humans live this way. I'll single handedly clean the whole place for free, this park and the one across the river, if you can get these folks some help. I'll rate the place 5 stars if that happens. I promise.