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Jordan McClain said 3 years ago
The reception staff here were wonderful, as well as the nurse and doctor. Although there seemed to be work put on the nurse that the doctor should have attended to, this didnt bother me because the nurse was nice enough. Very comfortable waiting areas and isn't as expensive as other clinics.
Laura said 3 years ago
My initial thoughts: The preparation for a termination by medication at the clinic is good. I would prefer for the counselling questions to shift away from, 'what are your reasons for wanting a termination?' to 'are you experiencing any distress or ambivalence over your decision?', but I suspect the former line of questions is a legal hoop-jumping exercise. The information provided on the nature of the procedure is thorough, and staff supply you with pain relief as well as follow-up contact details should you have concerns regarding the extent of bleeding. What I do take issue with is the lack of information on aftercare in the few days to a week following the procedure. The day after my termination I went to lift an object that weighed around 2 kilograms and I experienced tearing pain in my belly. I went online to find information on aftercare and there were a range of US-based clinics providing information on the importance of holding off on exercise, including walking, for the first few days post-procedure, and the importance of not lifting anything. Most recommended bed rest for a couple of days. None of this was discussed at Options Clinic. Four to five days following the procedure I found I still wasn't up to the task of grocery shopping because walking affected the amount that I bled, and I didn't want to walk home carrying bags of somewhat heavy items. I hope the clinic discusses these sorts of practical issues in greater detail with patients in the future. I live on my own, do not have a car, and being able to have an informed contingency plan would have made for a less stressful recovery. Thoughts after follow up appointment: I have just returned from my 2 week follow up appointment. I have to say that if I had known about a) the lack of aftercare information and b) how shambolic follow up was going to be, I would never have gone to this clinic. A group of us were shepherded to another part of the clinic and told that the usual doctor was not available. Staff were cranky and flustered, did not know where we should wait, and the group of us could hear their frustrated conversation about "we don't know what's happening, we were just told to bring them up here." I was directed to give a urine sample by a staff member who stood directly on the other side of the toilet cubicle door in a tiny bathroom. Staff tried to bring another patient in but there was no room. Total lack of privacy. Afterwards it wasn't clear where I should wait. I was directed to one room, then another, by a stressed staff member. But the worst experience was the ultrasound. The doctor initially opened and read from the wrong chart until I pointed out she had my name wrong. She fished out the correct chart, and commenced the ultrasound. She told me she couldn't see anything if I didn't relax- very hard to do under the circumstances. After she finished the scan, she literally said, "Because you were fighting me, I'm going to show you this" - and then she showed me the ultrasound screen. She said, "there's bits still in there - see that? It's probably membrane. It'll come out next period." I could not - cannot- believe this. When we have an ultrasound pre-termination, we aren't shown the image for sensitivity reasons. Why would follow-up be treated with any less sensitivity? Who says to someone "there's bits still in there"? Why couldn't you manage to explain, "the process isn't full complete yet but it will be soon" without showing the visual? Your staff really let their patients down today. If you're having a tough time adapting because your usual doctor hasn't been able to come in, deal with it without being vocal about how flustered you are to your patients. Giving a urine sample shouldn't feel like an intrusive procedure. A patient struggling to relax their stomach muscles during an ultrasound isn't "fighting you" - they are stressed about a sensitive procedure. Have some respect and tact. I left your clinic feeling like I was going to throw up. I will be making a formal complaint to the ombudsman.
crystle fae said 3 years ago
Go to Greenslopes. This place landed me in hospital. In retrospect, I wish I had known when I visited this clinic that if a medical professional spends more time advocating for a fetus rather than discussing your options and well being, it is OKAY to walk out and find a different provider. During the follow up appointment, I tried to discuss the complications from the medical termination that led to me being hospitalised. However, the male doctor was very unprofessional, insensitive and dismissive and said that I "knew the risks" and "should have just had a surgical abortion". They did not take any responsibility for any further aftercare. I honestly believe these people likely aren't pro-choice, and are more interested in making a quick $500 off scared and vulnerable women.
jasmin sommervelle said 4 years ago
Everything about my experience in this clinic was horrific. There was a child running up and down the corridor outside the waiting room banging on the glass which I found in very poor taste. The receptionist spoke loudly on the phone to potential clients and discussed private and confidential information within earshot of everyone in the waiting room. The councilor I was required to speak with bullied me and reduced me to tears, attacking the reasons behind my decision. I found the doctor very unprofessional he was dressed in dirty clothing and honestly looked like he had come straight from a construction site ad he had paint all over his shorts. He did not make me feel at ease and the jokes he made about my situation were extremely traumatic. Furthermore, my support person was refused admittance so I had to go though my consultation alone. I also found it disturbing that I could over hear the woman before me having in internal exam. There was a serious lack of privacy in this clinic and the walls were paper thin. I also had to wait for a very long time in a corridor alone without my support person. I had a chemical termination and it was the most painful experience of my life. I would honestly liken it to giving birth. The contractions were so intense that I blacked out from the pain. Bleeding lasted for about 6 weeks and was the heaviest I have ever experienced. I was not adequately prepared for the pain in any way and was provided with no pain relief. I was absolutely not given the support or care I needed at any stage in the procedure, either before, after or during. A few years previous I had a surgical abortion at the Greenslopes clinic. It was clean, professional and supportive. This was like something out of a horror movie and had a very 'backyard' feel. Do not consider using this clinic!!!!
Joy Walsham said 3 years ago
I recommend them. Nice staff too. Thanks

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