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Giada Epis said 3 years ago
So disappointed with the Stuart park clinic. I Called in the morning to have info and prices on a small procedure and also to book in. The first receptionist was clueless on what to tell me and gave me an appointment with the wrong doctor. Luckily when I realised she didn’t know what she was doing I asked to speak with someone else and the booking was made through a different receptionist. This second receptionist gave me the price of 2 consults (as in the first one I just needed a script). So the first consult goes on and get the script, I went to the chemist and I’ve been told that I needed to pay another $230. Note that over the phone I asked for the TOTAL COSTS of the procedure, I have never been told that i had to find out myself about the prices or even told that the chemist stuff might be that expensive. Considering that I asked them (even double checked) about the TOTAL prices but nothing came up until I was actually there I reckon this is unacceptable. Once I was back at the clinic I tried to deal with the receptionist about it which wasn’t easy let me tell you, I ended up seeing the doctor (again) and decided to get a different script. The doctor apologised and so I went up to the reception once again to pay. The receptionist told me I didn’t have to pay anything, consider that I’ve been to this clinic at least 3 times before and my file says I’m NOT ON MEDICARE. I double checked again And i told the receptionist that I should pay for the first consult at least, she called the doctor to confirm, he didn’t want me to pay (probably because of the Trouble of coming back twice I guessed). I thanked them and left. BUT they called me that afternoon to ask me why I haven’t paid! the first time was the clueless receptionist once again which apologies about the mistake and told me it was ok. The second time (at 8pm!!!) was the receptionist that called the doctor earlier to confirm that I didn’t have to pay and now told me I still had to pay $60 for the first consult (as I suggested earlier), Of course I paid over the phone (which was not an easy process either!!) I want to say that the doctor was nice and helpful but seriously the clinic should train their receptionists more, the hole experience was nerve wracking and Badly handled.
Cryptic Dingo said 4 years ago
Dr. Silva is exceptional. Very helpful and friendly. As for the rest of the staff? Keep your expectations low ... very low. Their mood seems to determine the quality of service you'll receive. If you're reading this Top End Medical staff ... pick up your game and leave your personal stuff at the door when you come in to work; or take the day off so you don't rubbish on people who are already having a rough time of it (sick). If Dr. Silva wasn't there you'd have one less patient.
Tony O'Neil said 3 years ago
I just waited over an hour. Everyone in the place when I came in is gone and seen to. When I inquired to reception as to when I’d be seeing my doctor she informed me he had already seen me and bulk billed me. This isn’t the 1st time I’ve waited over an hour. Clueless practice
Amer Muzamil said 4 years ago
This is the BEST GP practice I have been to. All the Doctors are very nice and helpful. I am a big fan of Dr. T, Dr. Sheryl Silva and Dr Reddy. I take all my family to Top End Medical for all their health issues.
namrata shrestha said 3 years ago
We had very bad experience with Dr. Sanjeeta. This will be first and last consultant with her.

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