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ricki me said 5 years ago
Oh my gosh, what a beautiful lady.. On my first visit, I felt incredibly comfortable with Dr Cathy.. She made me feel like I was an individual who had a right of value, not just a number in her waiting room that she needed to whisk in and whisk out.. Dr Cathy chatted and gave me her time. She came across very genuine, sincere, caring and skilled. The receptionist was very welcoming and helpful, and other staff were incredibly friendly and genuine. Can you believe I was offered a cup of coffee or tea? The waiting room is such a modern and pleasant environment, that also includes a large area for beauty services and massages. I will definitely be seeing Dr Cathy and her team again.
Jeff Sheldon said 5 years ago
The best GP I have been to. First class, professional and friendly service! From my first dealings with the reception through to consulting with Cathy, everyone was friendly and professional. Cathy is very switched on, I highly recommend them!
Dawn Enoka said 5 years ago
I saw Dr Nichola Drew. The first couple of times i was so happy that id found a doctor that would listen to my concerns and work as a team with me .She was so understanding and kind. The third time i saw her she was a completely different person i was horrified and hurt by her behavior towards me. Firstly she was angry with me because i didnt do an arthrogram mri (just the mri )that my surgeon had requested because i was afraid of needles..she said i was being unreasonable even though the results showed a tear in my hip. I had seen a physio once through the GP management plan ( 5 free sessions)before my results came through and he said he wont massage a hip tear if it is one so i suggested to her a change to my old physio who could massage my other problem area..neck and shoulders i showed her the xrays and she complained and looked completely disinterested and getting frustrated shoving them roughly back into envelope. I then asked her if she was ok and she mumbled that i was wasting her time and energy!! I was feeling very on edge and uncomfortable by this time . I apologised and just said i didnt want to waste the free physio sessions. My last request was for a blood test referall to check how my thyroid was going as i have hashimotos. She looked at my last results which by the way were fine when she called me in to discuss them but in this appointment she decides the results were terrible. I questioned why she didnt tell me last time and she turned around gave me eye contact first time and said that im not listening to anything she said and to go find another doctor who has the patience to listen to me because she has none and we have a clash in personality and its better that you find someone else. I then said that she hadnt ever given me advice and could she please tell me what i should be doing with my thyroid instead of telling me everything that she believes im doing wrong. She said coldly to just find someone else. I was so shocked that i told her she was unkind and not the doctor i thought she was. Sorry for long story and i really wish it could have been a positive one because she was absolutely wonderful and refreshing to begin with 🙁
Reygan Miller said 5 years ago
I love this place...all the staff are awesome and treat you as if you are their most value customer!
Ty Yturralde said 5 years ago
Best doctor on the GC

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