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suzanne fiedler said 4 years ago
I am absolutely appalled at the treatment that my daughter has received, she was booked in for an induction on Wednesday 8/11/17 as she was having her 6th baby, but previous to this she had a miscarriage and went to the emergency department only to be told by the Dr to go home and let nature take it’s course, my daughter then asked the Dr what to expect, the reply was, you should know you have had enough kids, needless to say it took 3 weeks wth constantly going back to the hospital with her complaining that things were not right, they eventually decided on a D&C. On this occasion the treatment she received was unbelievable, they had her in there for 3 days not sure what procedure they were going to use for the induction, each day that went by Dr had gone from a sweep and stretch to inserting gel twice, then perhaps we should give her a C section, well once again that didn’t happen as the Drs couldn’t agree on the treatment, consequently they sent my daughter home as they stated that there were only junior Doctors on and midwives that were not comfortable delivering a baby that may have the cord around his neck or the shoulders may get stuck. I do not blame the midwifes as they were very nice to my daughter, but grossly understaffed, just not good enough, if this tips my daughter over the edge, they will be one sorry hospital as I will be making this shocking experience well known to the public, as it is my daughter does suffer from depression and obviously has not been on meds during pregnancy, so one can only wonder what this is doing to her, she has a review on Monday, one wonders if they can get their act together and do the C section or will they be still yet again be understaffed??? 😡
Abdul Rahman Mohamed Amanullah said 3 years ago
Great Hospital with excellent caring Staff..
Rod & Rayleen Ballard said 4 years ago
I was admitted during the cyclone with appendicitis and within a few hours I had been operated on. Great service from the Ambulance to everyone involved subsequently. Top surgeon with very good treatment by all concerned from then on. Good followup put in place as well on discharge. Well done Mackay Base. Rod Ballard.
Tracey King said 4 years ago
Have had nothing but professional, kind assistance for a family friend. Very helpful and good clean facilities. Cant say enough good things about Mackay HospMental Health.
Mary Moore said 4 years ago
Thanks for the wonderful staff at Mackay Base Hospital for looking after me yesterday. Appreciate the kindness and all were so lovely. Females and males. Follow up care also. Thanks you all. Much appreciated

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